Quoteboard: Reaction from the top-three draft picks

TORONTO — Tuesday night’s CFL Draft got off to a fascinating start, with the Ottawa REDBLACKS kicking off the night by selecting offensive lineman Dontae Bull with the first overall pick.

The Edmonton Elks and Saskatchewan Roughriders both zeroed in on players that admitted they were surprised to hear their names that early, with Montreal Carabins linebacker Michael Brodrique going second overall to the Elks and UBC defensive lineman Lake Korte-Moore going third overall to the Saskatchewan Roughriders.

That talented trio joined a panel of reporters for a conference call shortly after the conclusion of the first round of the draft. Here are some highlights of those conversations.

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“Definitely, I think from the outside looking in it does induce a little more pressure. I’m just excited for the opportunity to be able to come home and return to play in Canada. I’m really excited for the opportunity and to just keep working.”

— Dontae Bull on if any pressure comes with going first overall.

“The leg’s feeling good, definitely made great progress since pro day and the injury itself. I recovered well and I’ll be able to go when we get to camp.”

 — Bull on the progress he made after breaking his leg in Oct. 2022. 

“I expected a call before my name was on TV but my agent at the same second as my name was being called on TV and texted me, ‘Second overall.’ I was surprised at that moment but it was a great surprise. I’m really excited to join the Elk family and start camp soon.”

— Michael Brodrique on going second overall to the Elks

“It’s an honour, honestly. It’s been a dream of mine since I was a kid to get drafted. I can’t believe it’s happened and now I can’t wait to get to work and get to Saskatchewan with the great fan base they have there. I told the coaches this, but I’m undefeated at Mosaic and I’m going to look at it that way this year.”

— Lake Korte-Moore on being chosen third overall by the Roughriders

“If you were looking at my (scouting) report it’d say in the run game I’m a mauler, I get my hands on people and I create a lot of movement, move bodies, put people on the ground. In the pass game I’ve got good feet and great length off the edge to expand the pocket’s width.”

— Bull on what he brings to the REDBLACKS


“I think I’m a versatile player. Well rounded. I’m a physical guy, I can run down the field. I’ll give a fair share of good plays on special teams, I’m ready to play on special teams and ready to roll as soon as I can.”

— Brodrique on what he brings to the Elks

“I’d say that they expect a high motor, hard worker and just a disciplined player. I don’t take dumb penalties and I’m going to be able to possibly lead and be that team player that the team needs to get to the next level. Hopefully I get a lot of sacks this year and get to the QB with the great d-line we have at Sask.”

— Korte-Moore on what he brings to the Riders

“I don’t have a preference at all. I’m comfortable on both sides of the line. Wherever I fit best with the team is what I’ll do. I played a lot of right (tackle) this year, so I did get comfortable there but I’m just as versatile and comfortable on the left side as well.”

— Bull on if he had a preference between playing left and right tackle

“Whenever the team needs me there I’ll head over there. I’m going to get my stuff together here in the place I’m living in Vancouver, put it away and head over to Regina whenever the team needs me there. I’ll be there for rookie camp and be ready for the season.”

— Korte-Moore on his availability to the Riders

“Of courss, that’s always my goal and I’m going to do everything in my power to help the team as much as I can.”

— Bull on if he thinks he’ll be a starter this year in Ottawa

“I’m just going to go in and be the player that I am and wherever the team needs me to play I will play. Hopefully I’ll contribute to the team’s success. I’m really just wiling to work my ass off to be the best version that I can and develop and work with the coaches we have because I know we have an amazing coaching staff. I can’t wait to work with everyone there and get better and I’m willing to do anything that the team needs me to do.”

— Korte-Moore on where he thinks he’d fit on the Riders

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