September 26, 2023

Weekly Predictor: Putting the ‘win’ in Winnipeg

Kevin Sousa/

It was bound to happen.

There was no way the remarkable run I’ve been on picking CFL games was going to last. (Can I self-proclaim my run as ‘remarkable’ Too bad, I just did.)

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An oh-for. Ouch.

I don’t even trust what I’m about to write next about this upcoming week in the CFL. How could the Stamps and Riders lay an egg like that with playoff implications on the line?

Meanwhile, apologies to the Lions and Argos for picking two of the best teams in the CFL to lose to two of the bottom tier teams in the league. Those were the picks I was making without hesitation earlier in the year. I let some hot teams momentum get the best of me and forgetting consistency matters.

I’m telegraphing my picks this week, aren’t I?

Although there is the game of the SEASON to kick off Week 17!

Toronto at Winnipeg
Friday, September 29
8:00 p.m. ET

To quote Lizzo: ‘It’s about damn time!’

The rematch is finally here from the Grey Cup that saw the Argonauts upset the Bombers with a dramatic fourth quarter!

The issue here is, what are the Argonauts going to do with the roster this week after resting A. Ouellette last week already knowing they have first place wrapped up in the East?

It’ll be the story that will be interesting to watch this week going into the game but I’ve settled on my pick despite any roster changes.

Hmmm… Bombers… revenge… home game… Let the Lions and Riders be a warning to the Argonauts about what is coming their way. Oh, and the Bombers had a week to prepare for this game as they’re coming off the bye.

To quote NSYNC: ‘Bye bye bye’ to the Argos season having just one loss.


Saskatchewan at BC
Friday, September 29
10:30 p.m. ET

The Roughriders have given up 721 yards rushing in the last three weeks. That’s a 240 yard average per game.

The Riders, however, have played BC strong this year with a loss in their first meeting and a big win at home over the Lions six weeks ago.

BC has a lot to play for after clinching a playoff spot this past week. They’re tied for first in the West with a game coming up later in the year to possibly decide first place. They can clinch a home playoff game with a win over the Riders as well on Friday night.

The only concern right now for the Lions is their once dominant defence is allowing an average of 31 points over the last five games. And it should be a major concern because when they take on teams like Winnipeg and Toronto, you won’t be likely to outscore your defensive problems.


Montreal at Ottawa
Saturday, September 30
4:00 p.m. ET

The last time these two teams played in Ottawa, it was Caleb Evans leading a remarkable comeback with two late touchdowns to beat Ottawa 25-24.

Now Cody Fajardo is back healthy and was fairly efficient in the Alouettes road win over Calgary. William Stanback getting more involved in the offence is going to do wonders for the Alouettes play action. Also, Tyson Philpot getting more involved is also dangerous for the opponents.

The REDBLACKS are coming off an impressive win over Saskatchewan as they dictated the play along both the defensive and offensive lines.

This is the game that’s actually giving me the most trouble this week. I’m going to side with the Alouettes, however, because I think I learned my lesson last week that if there is a decision to be made, go with the more consistent side.


Calgary at Hamilton
Saturday, September 30
7:00 p.m. ET

I’m sure the Tiger-Cats are thankful they won’t have to see the Argonauts again until the Eastern Final, if they can get that far. Hamilton is 6-4 against everyone outside of Toronto but are 0-4 against their rival this season.

I still believe Taylor Powell is top of the heap when it comes to young quarterbacks under the age of 29 in the CFL. That list includes Jake Maier, who has plateaued this season.

Calgary was given an opportunity to take control of their season on a silver platter last week with Saskatchewan’s loss and after a bye looked like a team who has a lot of work to do.

They’re now taking on a late riser in the CFL.

I was going to pick Calgary in this game a week ago but I was also expecting them to come out after the bye week with a lot more than what they showed at home to the Alouettes.


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