March 8, 2024

Invitational Combine Leaderboard: Top 5 from every drill

Andrew Lahodynskyj/

WATERLOO — The final results have rolled in from the University of Waterloo’s Feridun Hamdullahpur Field House, as the testing portion of the CFL Combine presented by New Era has completed.

Prospects put on their best efforts through six major tests on Friday looking to leave a mark with the scouts before the 2024 CFL Draft on April 30. Some of the top performers will be invited to the CFL Combine presented by New Era later in March.


CFL COMBINE presented by New Era
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Below is a look at the top five performers in all drills. The full results can be found here.


Rank Player Name Measure POS School
1 SOMBACH, Jackson 36.00 DB Regina
T-2 STEVENSON, Kaine 34.00 WR Guelph
T-2 CONWAY, Nick 34.00 DB Manitoba
T-4 NELMES, Tanner 32.50 RB Wilfrid Laurier
T-4 JANVIER-MESSIER, Jason 32.50 DL York
T-4 AUGER, Isaac 32.50 DB Montreal
T-4 GOUADFEL, Yani 32.50 DB Bishop’s
T-4 ODOOM, Kojo 32.50 DB Western University
T-4 PIERRE-MASSE, Nykolas 32.50 WR Bishop’s


Rank Player Name Reps POS School
1 PRICE, Mitchell 30 DL McMaster
2 MUELLER, Owen 26 OL Windsor
3 O’CONNER, Payton 25 DL Regina Thunder
T-4 WOODMANSEY, Curtis 24 DL Guelph
T-4 CLAASSEN, Jaiden 24 LB Valley Huskers


Rank Player Name Time POS School
1 SOMBACH, Jackson 4.58 DB Regina
2 GENDRON, Nicholas 4.59 WR Ottawa
T-3 ADUBOFFOUR, Richard 4.63 DB Western University
T-3 CONWAY, Nick 4.63 DB Manitoba
5 MARCHANT, Dawson 4.66 DB Northwestern Oklahoma State



Rank Player Name Time POS School
1 SOMBACH, Jackson 6.97 DB Regina
2 STEWART, Liam 7.00 WR Saint Mary’s
3 SUCCAR, Justin 7.02 WR Waterloo
4 NELMES, Tanner 7.03 RB Wilfrid Laurier
T-5 MARCHANT, Dawson 7.06 DB Northwestern Oklahoma State
T-5 CAMERON-KOGLER, Christopher 7.06 DB Western University


Rank Player Name Measure POS School
1 MARCHANT, Dawson 10′ 3 5/8″ DB Northwestern Oklahoma State
2 TURNSEK, Jay 10′ 2 5/8″ DB St. Francis Xavier
3 GOUADFEL, Yani 10′ 1″ DB Bishop’s
4 ADUBOFFOUR, Richard 10′ 0 5/8″ DB Western University
5 SOMBACH, Jackson 9′ 11 7/8″ DB Regina


Rank Player Name Time POS School
1 SUCCAR, Justin 4.07 WR Waterloo
2 GENDRON, Nicholas 4.13 WR Ottawa
3 NELMES, Tanner 4.19 RB Wilfrid Laurier
4 CONWAY, Nick 4.22 DB Manitoba
5 SOMBACH, Jackson 4.27 DB Regina


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