May 14, 2024

5 reasons to play CFL Team Picker and Preseason Futures

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TORONTO — The CFL season is just around the corner which means CFL Game Zone is back to make your football-watching experience even more exciting.

Tuesday marks the opening of the first two games, World Vision Canada’s CFL Team Picker and CFL Preseason Futures.

Answer questions about yourself to learn which team better suits your personality (or reaffirm what everyone already knew) with World Vision Canada’s CFL Team Picker or predict all the action that will unfold during the next few months with CFL Preseason Futures. brings you five reasons why you should play both games as CFL Game Zone returns!

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Have you ever felt the indescribable joy of seeing your team score that go ahead touchdown after being down by 21 points in the fourth quarter? That’s a feeling that CFL fans can enjoy when they open their hearts to one of the nine storied franchises across Canada.

From your favourite snack to your ideal vacation scenario, World Vision Canada’s CFL Team Picker will attempt to give you a perfect match that will never ghost you. Forget dating apps and blind dates, choosing a team that comes through every week for the entire Summer is as good as it comes.


World Vision Canada’s CFL Team Picker is the gateway to an entire world that becomes available from May to November. CFL Game Zone offers every fan a myriad of possibilities to enhance the experience of watching the most exciting sports league in the world.

Want to see your favourite fantasy player score 20 or more fantasy points in the span of two minutes? CFL Fantasy* has you covered. Want to prove to your friends that nobody knows more about the CFL than you do? CFL Pick’Em presented by Old Dutch* is just around the corner. Want to put your football knowledge to the test and predict everything that’s going to happen around the league in 2024? CFL Preseason Futures launches now.


It’s not only new fans that can benefit from World Vision Canada’s CFL Team Picker. Sometimes you know what’s in your heart, but you want to show it to the world anyways.

Reaffirm you were born to be a Roughrider, Elk, Blue Bomber, Ticat, Argonaut, Stampeder, REDBLACK, Alouette or Lion by manipulating answering the questions and getting your favourite team.


Who doesn’t like to play Nostradamus? Nail down who’s going to win the Eastern/Western Finals, whether or not Brady Oliveira will go over 1,300 yards, who’ll lead the league in touchdowns and much more to show your friends and family that nobody knows more about this league than you.


Let’s be real, the four reasons above are all important but like in football, what ultimately matters is winning.

World Vision Canada’s CFL Team Picker gives you a chance to win a World Vision Team Ambassador Signed Jersey and CFL Preseason Futures offers you a chance to win a CFL Suite Experience.

What are you waiting for? CFL Game Zone is now live.

*CFL Pick’em presented by Old Dutch and CFL Fantasy will go live before the regular season

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