May 14, 2024

CFL statement on Shawn Lemon’s grievance

Kevin Sousa/

TORONTO — The Canadian Football League has released the following statement regarding Shawn Lemon‘s grievance over his indefinite suspension and his subsequent return to the Montreal Alouettes:

The CFL has been made aware of the CFLPA’s decision to grieve Shawn Lemon’s indefinite suspension for wagering on CFL games, including one in which he played. The CFL is disappointed that the Players’ Association would challenge a decision so fundamental to the integrity of our league.

​The league’s rules prohibiting CFL-related gambling in 2021 were made abundantly clear to all players at the time, yet Mr. Lemon knowingly ignored those rules. The prohibition of wagering on the CFL by CFL personnel, including players, is critical to the reputation and standing of the league.

​​The CFL will vigorously defend its position at the arbitration hearing.

​No further comment will be provided until a decision has been reached.

Randy Ambrosie
​Canadian Football League

The Montreal Alouettes released the following statement on Tuesday:

The Canadian Football League Players’ Association (CFLPA) has filed a grievance on behalf of Shawn Lemon challenging the Canadian Football League’s (CFL) decision to suspend him indefinitely. Consequently, Shawn was allowed to join the Alouettes at training camp today. The team continues to reiterate its support for the CFL’s regulations on gambling and will await the outcome of the CFL-led investigation. The Alouettes will not issue any further comments at this time regarding this situation.

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