Unforgettable: CFL Premium Experiences a unique way to enjoy the Grey Cup

For Tammy and Ivan Strang, the experience of a trip has been the most important thing to them. That’s why the last two Grey Cup games they’ve attended have meant so much to them.

“We learn through our experiences, our travels and through the stories we hear,” Tammy Strang said from the family’s home in Edson, Alta.

“We hear lots of stories because we get a chance to (meet) alumni. We go to these luncheons off and on through the whole weekend, too, and (alumni will) come and they’ll tell us their stories and you’re getting the inside stories that are so special.”

The Strangs’ Grey Cup trips have been enhanced by the CFL’s Premium Experiences packages. For the 110th Grey Cup this past year in Hamilton, they’ve received VIP transportation, all-inclusive special events, premium dining and priority access to Grey Cup Festival events in the days leading up to the game. Game day includes VIP access to Commissioner’s Lounge and Tailgate, premium stadium seating and on-field access pre-game, front row placement for the Twisted Tea halftime show and field access post-game, where the Montreal Alouettes celebrated their Grey Cup win.

“As long as we go to Grey Cups, it’s worth the money to go with this,” Tammy said.

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The CFL’s Premium Experiences package offers fans VIP treatment at the CFL’s biggest game, the Grey Cup (CFL.ca)

Those kinds of experiences are exactly what the league was hoping to create for fans when it began making Premium Experiences available in 2018.

“The Commissioner launched the Premium Experience Program to offer our fans a world class Grey Cup experience allowing them to get as close to the action as possible and enjoy everything Grey Cup has to offer as a VIP,” said Kelly Lamb, the CFL’s vice president, Grey Cup and events.

“The CFL wants to cater to the desires of all fans. There are many fans that want to have a Grey Cup experience that offers front of the line entry, concierge service, behind the scenes access and have their entire weekend experience curated for them in style, where all they have to do is arrive and enjoy.”

That’s what the Strangs did, both in Saskatchewan in 2022 and in Hamilton in 2023.

“We truly felt part of the festive celebrations that took place during the Grey Cup weekend,” Tammy said.

“From the moment of our arrival, the VIP transportation to the hotel…the volunteers that chauffeured us around, they were great individuals. It’s (a) dedicated staff, their loyalty and their integrity, they’re truly devoted to the cause and go out of their way to make these events so special.”

As Edmonton Elks fans, the Strangs found that while their team wasn’t in either of the Grey Cup games they attended, they were still swept up in the festive feel of the days leading into the game. Once they were mingling with alumni and taking advantage of the perks offered to them, their trip became about enjoying their experience. That was only enhanced on game day when they got onto the field before the game, during the Twisted Tea halftime show and for the post-game celebrations, when the confetti was flying and players and their families were swept up in the emotion of winning the Grey Cup.

“It’s wonderful,” Tammy said of the field access.

“At the beginning they do the (coin) toss. We go down before the game starts and you feel the excitement, and the fans look down at you and you wave and they wave back. Everybody’s just one big family, no matter where you are.

“Then you come down for the halftime show, which is so special. That’s better than going to a concert, you know? You’re right there in front of the stadium jumping up and down and you can see the band. Where (else) do you get that? We got home (from the Grey Cup) and a number of our friends said they saw us on the field after the game. My husband had the opportunity to shake hands with a few of the winning teammates (on the field).”

Participants in the CFL’s Premium Experiences Package (seen here with CFL staffers at the 110th Grey Cup) have raved about the time they’ve had (CFL.ca)

The Strangs are already planning to be in Vancouver this year and are eager to see just how big of a show the BC Lions can put on as hosts of the 111th Grey Cup. Tammy recalls seeing her first CFL game in Vancouver and that when her and Ivan were engaged in 1994, they also went to a Lions game. Tammy will tell anyone who will listen that they should get in on the program to join them this year in Vancouver.

“This is the way to go,” she said. “If you have a dream…some people dream to go to Vegas and gamble. But if you love football, go with this program. You won’t regret it.”

“This program is a once in a lifetime opportunity to have a private tour of the locker room the night before the game, listen to alumni share unique personal stories, be on the field at Grey Cup for the opening ceremonies, in front of the stage for the halftime performance and on the field post game celebrating with the team,” Lamb said. “This program creates unforgettable moments for these fans and their guests at incredible value.

“Our fans have enjoyed the program so much, many of them return each year and bring more guests. It is simply a complete premium experience that will create memories that last a lifetime.”

Don’t miss out on your chance to be a part of the CFL Premium Experiences Program for this year’s Grey Cup in Vancouver. For more information visit cfl.ca/premium or email pe@cfl.ca. Spots are very limited, so secure your package today!

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