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Jamie Nye covers the Riders and the CFL on his daily sports radio show, The Green Zone, on 980 CJME.

Nye: Digging into the Riders’ 2021 CFL Draft class

May 5, 2021 | Jamie Nye
CFL.ca’s Jamie Nye offers up his thoughts on the Saskatchewan Roughriders’ 2021 CFL Draft class that hit on just about every need the team might have, present and future.

Nye: Examining Draft needs for every CFL team

April 28, 2021 | Jamie Nye
With the 2021 CFL Draft under a week away, CFL.ca’s Jamie Nye takes a look at a draft need for every team across the league.

Why the ’13 GC was the biggest moment in Rider history

April 23, 2021 | Jamie Nye
CFL.ca’s Jamie Nye takes a deep dive into the 2013 Grey Cup and why it was the biggest moment in Saskatchewan Roughriders history.

Nye: Does the snake draft level the selection field?

April 3, 2021 | Jamie Nye
As he looks at the snake format of this year’s CFL National Draft, CFL.ca’s Jamie Nye looks back to see how that format would have affected drafts in years past.

Nye: Forget all-star games; give me a skills challenge

March 20, 2021 | Jamie Nye
Rather than an all-star game, CFL.ca’s Jamie Nye would like to see a skills-specific event for CFL players. Maybe even with some non-football components.

Nye: How the ’89 Grey Cup changed my life

March 11, 2021 | Jamie Nye
Every Riders fan can tell you where they were when Dave Ridgway kicked the game-winning field goal at the 1989 Grey Cup game. CFL.ca’s Jamie Nye shares his and how it impacted his life.

Nye: A sneaky good FA21 signing for every team

February 19, 2021 | Jamie Nye
From Nick Usher to Kevin Francis, CFL.ca’s Jamie Nye takes a look at a sneaky good free agent signing for every team.

Nye: A deep dive on the top defensive pending free agents

February 4, 2021 | Jamie Nye
When CFL.ca’s Jamie Nye looks at the 2021 free agent class, he sees a lot of depth on the defensive end, even as moves continue to be made ahead of the market opening on Feb. 9.

Nye: Top 10 Canadian pending free agents

January 29, 2021 | Jamie Nye
CFL.ca’s Jamie Nye ranks the best Canadian pending free agents before the market opens in February.

Nye: Grading free agency moves for every team so far

January 21, 2021 | Jamie Nye
With only a few weeks until the opening of the free agency period, general managers around the league have been busy. CFL.ca’s Jamie Nye takes a look at what teams have done the best and ...