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The Misfits: Damon Allen & Anthony Cannon find new rewards w/ women’s team

November 2, 2021 | Don Landry
When Damon Allen and Anthony Cannon began coaching a women’s touch football team in Toronto, it didn’t go as planned. The former pros were fired, CFL.ca’s Don Landry writes. ...

The untold story of Ken Whitlock, the first Black Argonaut

February 22, 2021 | Mike Hogan
A year after Jackie Robinson broke the colour barrier in baseball, Ken Whitlock did the same with the Toronto Argonauts, suiting up for the team in 1947, Argonauts.com’s Mike Hogan writes. ...

Long Read: Don Matthews and the often overlooked Argos defence of ’96

August 6, 2020 | Don Landry
It happens a lot, when people look back on the powerhouse Toronto Argonauts of 1996 and 1997: They go on and on about the sensational offence, one that piled up points and yardage with what ...

O’Leary: How Mark Washington uncovered his father’s unique past

February 26, 2020 | Chris O'Leary
Hamilton Tiger-Cats’ defensive coordinator Mark Washington’s father, George, was a White House photographer. He tells CFL.ca senior writer Chris O’Leary about his remarkable ...

O’Leary: Grey Cup droughts link Ticats, Bombers fanbases

November 24, 2019 | Chris O'Leary
After Sunday, the agony will continue for one of the CFL’s two longest suffering fan bases. Chris O’Leary provides a written history on the Bombers’ and Ticats’ Grey Cup ...

No Small Feat: Banks clears all hurdles en route to MOP

November 21, 2019 | Chris O'Leary
Counted out by some, embraced by many more, Brandon Banks talks through a career year that earned him Most Outstanding Player honours with senior writer Chris O’Leary.

Long Read: The rapid rise of Khari Jones

November 6, 2019 | Chris O'Leary
ix days. It could have been the most pronounced strike against the 2019 Montreal Alouettes, the beginning of the end of another write off of a season. The Als had wrapped up their training camp ...

Long Read: Chasing CFL folklore in the form of a beer can

September 19, 2019 | Paul Woods
It is one of the most iconic plays in Grey Cup history with one big mystery surrounding it — who threw the infamous beer can at Rocket Ismail? Now we know … sort of.

When The Lights Go On: Vernon Adams Jr. and the making of a winner

August 17, 2019 | Chris O'Leary
Ask any of his coaches and they’ll tell you Vernon Adams Jr. was wired to win football games. Chris O’Leary writes on one of the CFL’s fastest rising stars at the QB position.

‘I let this thing own me’: Reilly opens up about mental health

July 3, 2019 | Chris O'Leary
Mike Reilly opens up about his story of his battle off the field with mental health, as told by CFL.ca senior writer Chris O’Leary.

Mike Reilly: Why I chose the BC Lions

February 26, 2019 | Chris O'Leary
Mike Reilly’s career has come full circle. The veteran quarterback explains the reason why he signed with the Lions as told to CFL.ca’s senior writer Chris O’Leary.

Long Read: Bo finds his balance in unique MOP season

November 22, 2018 | Chris O'Leary
In an CFL.ca exclusive, senior writer Chris O’Leary chats with Bo Levi Mitchell about life, family and all that has catapulted him to the top spot among CFL Players.

‘A Walking Miracle’: Claybrooks opens up about brush with death

November 17, 2018 | Chris O'Leary
The doctors called him a walking miracle. DeVone Claybrooks recalls his life-and-death situation, and why he’s thankful to be alive. CFL.ca’s Chris O’Leary writes.

Wally’s Way: How Wally Buono became the CFL’s most iconic coach

November 3, 2018 | Chris O'Leary
For Wally Buono, there was never an exact science. Yet he always found the perfect formula, navigating old and new school methods to become a coaching legend. Chris O’Leary writes.

Long Read: Perspective helped Duke re-route harrowing path

October 21, 2018 | Chris O'Leary
For Eskimos receiver Duke Williams, a new perspective in life saved far more than just his career. Chris O’Leary has the story on Williams’ harrowing path to the CFL.

Macbeth’s Many Acts: Argos pivot weaves winding road

August 31, 2018 | Chris O'Leary
McLeod Bethel-Thompson’s path to becoming a CFL starting quarterback has been long and winding. More from Chris O’Leary in the latest long read.

O’Leary: As the ink dries, Humboldt scars will never fade

July 5, 2018 | Chris O'Leary
For the families involved, the Humboldt community and many more across the country, what happened on April 6 in Humboldt, Sask. has left a permanent scar. Chris O’Leary writes.

‘Making Things Right’: Kamar Jorden and the road to redemption

May 6, 2018 | Chris O'Leary
Kamar Jorden takes responsibility for what happened to the Stamps in the Grey Cup last year. Now, he’s ready to make things right. CFL.ca’s Chris O’Leary has more.

The Long Read: How Alex Singleton became the CFL’s fastest-rising star

November 16, 2017 | Chris O'Leary
For Stamps middle linebacker Alex Singleton, all things have worked out in the end. CFL.ca’s Chris O’Leary writes on the league’s fastest-rising star.

Filling in the Blanks: Kenny Stafford and the biggest completion

October 8, 2017 | Chris O'Leary
Professionally, 2017 has been challenging for Kenny Stafford. Off the field, however, it’s been different. Chris O’Leary has more on Stafford’s incredible union with his father.