The CFL’s free agency period officially opens on February 8, 2022 at noon ET. The following players will become free agents should they not re-sign with their respective clubs.

The status column below indicates whether a player has re-signed with his team or is still bound for the open market.



ABSHER, Dante A WR Glenville State College Extended 01/26/22
ALFORD, Mario A WR West Virginia Extended 01/25/22
ANTWI, Jeshrun* N RB Calgary Extended 01/31/22
BARON, Woody A DT Virginia Tech Signed with BC 02/14/22
BLANC, Jean-Samuel* N DL Montreal
CARTER, Ryan A DB Clemson
CRANSTON, Ty* N DB Ottawa Signed with OTT 02/08/22
CUNNINGHAM, BJ A WR Michigan State Signed with OTT 02/10/22
EXUME, Kerfalla-Emmanuel* N DB Montreal Extended 02/07/22
FOUCAULT, David* N OL Montreal

Released 12/20/21

Signed w/Elks 01/03/22

GAGNE, Alexandre* N LB Sherbrooke Extended 01/27/22
GIRARD, Mathieu* N OL Montreal
GLASS, Tyqwan A DB Fresno State Signed with WPG 02/10/22
HARRIS, Trevor A QB Edinboro

Released 12/20/21

Signed 02/09/22

HUNTER, Monshadrik A DB Arkansas State Signed with OTT 02/09/22
KOZACHUK, Paul* N LB Toronto
LALAMA, DJ* N LB Manitoba Signed with CGY 02/09/22
LEVELS, Patrick A DB Baylor Signed with OTT 02/09/22
MENARD, David* N DL Montreal Signed with BC 02/08/22
MOORE, Spencer* N FB McMaster
SHILTZ, Matthew A QB Butler Released 02/04/22
Signed w/ Ham 02/06/22
SCHLEUGER, Chris A OL Alabama Birmingham Extended 02/07/22
USHER, Nick A DL Texas El Paso Extended 01/24/22
WAKEFIELD, Michael A DL Florida International Re-signed with MTL 02/08/22
WASHINGTON, Tony A OL Abilene Christian Signed with EDM 01/17/22
WIENEKE, Jake A WR South Dakota State Extended 02/07/22


AWE, Micah A LB Texas Tech
BEAULIEU, Jordan* N DB Western University Extended 01/18/22
BEHAR, Nathaniel* N WR Carleton Extended 01/20/22
BELTRE, Frank A DE Towson University
BUSHELL-BEATTY, Juwann A OL Michigan Released 01/13/22
CATALINA, Tyler A OL Georgia
CHAGNON, Frederic* N LB Montreal Signed with MTL 02/08/22
CHARLES, Stefan* N DL Regina Signed with EDM 02/09/22
COLEMAN, Davon A DL Arizona State Re-signed with OTT 02/08/22
COOMBS, Anthony* N RB Manitoba
DAVIS, Dominique A QB East Carolina Released 01/13/22
ELLIS, Avery A DL Temple Signed with MTL 02/08/22
EVANS, Randall A DB Kansas State Extended 02/01/22
FLANDERS, Timothy A RB Sam Houston State
FONTANA, Alex* N OL Kansas Signed with HAM 02/10/22
HARRIS, RJ A WR New Hampshire Re-Signed 02/08/22
KANNEH, Abdul A DB New Mexico Highlands Extended 02/01/22
KORTE, Mark* N OL Alberta Signed with EDM 02/08/22
LATOUR, Maxime* N LS Sherbrooke
LEWIS, Wesley* N WR Houston Baptist Signed with SSK 02/09/22
MCGLOSTER, Jamar A OL Syracuse Signed with BC 02/09/22
MUHAMMAD, Brad A DB Florida International Released 01/13/22
NICHOLS, Matt A QB Eastern Washington
PETERMANN, Daniel* N WR McMaster Signed with BC 02/08/22
PHILIPS, Ervin A WR Syracuse Released 01/13/22
PRUNEAU, Antoine* N DB Montreal Re-signed 02/11/22
RODGERS, Na’ty A OL Houston Released 01/13/22
SIMPSON, Cortrelle A WR Richmond
STAFFORD, Kenny A WR Toledo Released 01/13/22
UNAMBA, Don A DB Southern Arkansas


BEDE, Boris A K Laval Extended 01/17/22
BETHEL-THOMPSON, Mcleod A QB Sacramento State Extended 01/31/22
BLADEK, Dariusz* N OL Bethune-Cookman Extended 12/23/21
BOATENG, Matthew* N DB Fresno State Extended 01/24/22
BRESCACIN, Juwan* N WR Northern Illinois Extended 02/07/22
CHEVRIER, Alexandre* N LB Sherbrooke Extended 12/23/21
COLLINS JR., Ricky A WR Texas A&M Commerce
DANIEL, Robertson A DB Brigham Young Extended 01/07/21
DANIELS, DaVaris A WR Notre Dame Extended 01/17/22
EDWARDS, Chris A DB Idaho Extended 02/04/22
GLENN, Cameron A DB Wake Forest
HUFF, Josh A WR Oregon
JUDGE, Cameron* N LB UCLA Traded to CGY, Signed with CGY 02/04/22
KWEMO, Nelkas* N LB Queen’s
LAVOIE, Patrick* N FB Laval
LAW, Cordarro A DL Southern Mississippi
MCCOIL SR., Dexter A LB Tulsa
MUAMBA, Henoc* N LB St. Francis Xavier Extended 01/25/22
NEVIS, Drake A DL Louisiana State
NOEL, Llevi* N WR Toronto Signed with OTT 02/08/22
RICHARDS, Shane* N OL Oklahoma State Extended 12/28/21
RICHARDS, Jeff A DB Emporia State
SHORTILL, Nick* N LB McMaster
SMITH, Robbie* N DL Wilfrid Laurier Extended 12/23/21
SPELLER, Cody* N OL McMaster
THIBAULT, Adam* N DB Laval
TUGGLE, Justin A DL Kansas State
TURNER, Junior* N DL Bishop’s
WHITE, John A RB Utah
WOODS, Bear A LB Troy
WOODSON, Robert* N DB Calgary


ACKLIN, Jaelon A WR Western Illinois Signed with OTT 02/09/22
ADELEKE, Tunde* N DB Carleton Extended 01/20/22
BANKS, Brandon A WR Kansas State

Released 01/27/22

Signed with TOR 02/13/22

BENNETT, Jackson* N RB Ottawa Signed with OTT 02/08/22
BEVERETTE, Tyrice A LB Stony Brook Signed with MTL 02/08/22
BROOKS, Cariel A DB Adams State Extended 02/02/22
CIRACO, Darius* N OL Calgary Signed with OTT 02/08/22
DALY, Mike* N DB McMaster
DAVIS, Ja’Gared A DL Southern Methodist Signed with TOR 02/08/22
DUNBAR, Steven A WR Houston Extended 01/30/22
EVANS, Ciante A DB Nebraska
EVANS, Dane A QB Tulsa Extended 01/12/22
FREY, Chris A LB Michigan State
GIBBON, Jesse* N OL Waterloo Extended 02/04/22
IRONS, Maleek* N RB Ohio Extended 02/07/22
JACKSON, Don A RB Nevada Extended 01/28/22
KALINIC, Nikola* N TE York Released 01/22/22
LAURENT, Ted* N DL Mississippi Re-signed 02/08/22
LAWRENCE, Simoni A LB Minnesota Extended 01/28/22
MASOLI, Jeremiah A QB Oregon Signed with OTT 02/07/22
MAULDIN, Lorenzo A DL Louisville Signed with OTT 02/08/22
NEWTON, Curtis* N LB Guelph Extended 02/01/22
OKAFOR, Kay* N OL St. Francis Xavier Extended 02/02/22
REVENBERG, Brandon* A OL Grand Valley State Extended 01/19/22
ROLLE, Jumal A DB Catawba Re-signed with HAM 02/08/22
SANTOS-KNOX, Jovan A LB Massachusetts Extended 02/01/22
THOMAS-ERLINGTON, Sean* N RB Montreal Extended 02/07/22
THOMAS, Jhaustin A DL Iowa State
UNGERER, David* N WR Idaho Re-signed 02/18/22
VAN ZEYL, Chris* B OL McMaster Extended 01/14/22
WATFORD, David A QB Hampton
WHITE, Papi A WR Ohio Extended 01/18/22
WHYTE, Gordon* N LB St. Francis Xavier Extended 01/17/22
WILLIAMS, Frankie A DB Purdue
WYNN, Dylan A DL Oregon State Extended 02/03/22


ADAMS, Darvin A WR Auburn Signed with OTT 02/08/22
ALEXANDER, Brandon A DB Central Florida Re-Signed 02/11/22
ANTIGHA, Tobi A DL Presbyterian College Signed with EDM 02/08/22
AUGUSTINE, Johnny* N RB Guelph Extended 02/03/22
BAILEY, Rasheed A WR Delaware Valley Extended 02/02/22
BENSON, Mike* N LS Acadia Extended 01/24/22
BIGHILL, Adam A LB Central Washington Extended 01/20/22
BRIGGS, Jesse* N LB McGill Extended 01/16/22
BROWN, Kevin A LB Cincinnati
BRYANT, Stanley A OL East Carolina Extended 01/21/22
CALDWELL, Joshua A RB Northwest Missouri State
CASTILLO, Sergio A K West Texas A&M Signed with EDM 03/14/22
COLLAROS, Zach A QB Cincinnati Extended 01/20/22
COUTURE, Michael* N OL Simon Fraser Extended 01/31/22
DARBY, Alden A DB Arizona State Signed with HAM 02/10/22
DESJARLAIS, Drew* N OL Windsor Released 01/25/22
DUCRE, Greg A DB Washington
ELI, Tavita* N OL Hawaii
GAUTHIER, Shayne* N LB Laval Extended 01/19/22
GRANT, Janarion A WR Rutgers
GRAY, Geoff* N OL Manitoba Extended 01/17/22
HALLETT, Nick* N DB Toronto Extended 01/3/22
HANSEN, Thiadric G LB Potsdam Royals
HARDRICK, Jermarcus A OL Nebraska Extended 01/06/22
HARRIS, Andrew* N RB Nanaimo Raiders Jr. Signed with TOR 02/08/22
JEFFCOAT, Jackson A DL Texas Extended 01/07/22
JEFFERSON, Willie A DE Stephen F. Austin State Extended 01/07/22
JOHNSON, Josh A DB Purdue
JONES, Mike A DB Temple Signed with MTL 02/08/22
KONGBO, Jonathan* N DE Tennessee Released 01/12/22
LAWLER, Kenny A WR California Signed with EDM 02/08/22
LEWIS, Malcolm A WR Miami
MASTON, Mercy A DB Boise State Extended 02/02/22
MCDOUGLE, Dexter A DB Maryland
MCGUIRE, Sean A QB Western Illinois
MCKAY, Mekale A WR Cincinnati
MILLER, Josh A DB Ball State Re-Signed 03/13/22
MILLER, Mike* N FB Acadia Extended 01/13/22
MOE, Mason A LB UC Davis
NEUFELD, Patrick* N OL Saskatchewan Extended 01/11/22
OLIVEIRA, Brady* N RB North Dakota Extended 02/07/22
RICHARDSON, Steven A DT Minnesota Signed with BC 02/08/22
ROSE, Ezekiel A DT West Virginia
ROSE, Winston A DB New Mexico State Extended 02/01/22
TAYLOR, Nicholas A DB Florida International Extended 02/07/22
THOMAS, Jake* N DL Acadia Extended 01/05/22
WOLITARSKY, Drew* A WR Minnesota Extended 01/31/22


AWACHIE, Albert* N FB Toronto Extended 01/07/22
BISHOP, Freddie III A DE Western Michigan
BOUKA, Elie* N DB Calgary Signed with CGY 02/10/22
CAMPBELL, Christian A DB Penn State
COFIELD, Takoby A OL Duke
DABIRE, Charbel* N DL Wagner College Extended 01/11/22
DEAN, Larry A LB Valdosta State Extended 02/03/22
DEARBORN, Jacob* N DB Carleton
DUPUIS, Alexandre* N FB Montreal
EDEM, Mike* N DB Calgary Extended 01/21/22
EVANS, Shaq A WR UCLA Extended 01/18/22
FERLAND, Logan* N OL Regina Thunder Jrs Extended 12/27/21
FRANCIS, Kevin* N DB North Carolina A&T Signed with BC 02/09/22
GAINEY, Ed A DB Appalachian State Signed with EDM 02/08/22
HARKER, Isaac A QB Colorado School of Mines Signed with BC 02/09/22
HARTY, Jake* N WR Calgary Extended 01/20/22
HENDY, AJ A DB Maryland
HENRY, Makana* N DL Burlington Jrs. Signed with EDM 02/08/22
HERDMAN-REED, Jordan* N LB Simon Fraser
HERDMAN-REED, Justin* N LB Simon Fraser Re-signed 02/11/22
HUS, Jorgen* N LS Regina Extended 12/22/21
JEFFERSON, Cameron A OL Arkansas
JOHNSON, Evan* N OL Saskatchewan Extended 12/27/21
JOHNSON, Micah A DL Kentucky Signed with HAM 02/09/22
LACEY, Deon A LB West Alabama Signed with EDM 02/08/22
LAFRANCE, Kienan* N RB Manitoba Extended 12/22/21
LAUTHER, Brett* N K Saint Mary’s Extended 01/29/22
LENIUS, Brayden* N WR New Mexico Released 01/07/22
LEONARD, AC A DL Tennessee State Extended 01/10/22
LIPPETT, Tony A DB Michigan State
MARSHALL, Nick A DB Auburn Extended 12/28/21
MCINNIS, Justin* N WR Arkansas State Extended 01/17/22
MCROBERTS, Paul A WR Southeast Missouri State Extended 01/07/22
MOORE, Kyran A WR Austin Peay Extended 01/14/22
MORROW, Jamal A RB Washington State Extended 01/12/22
ONYEKA, Nakas* N LB Wilfrid Laurier Signed with EDM 02/08/22
ONYEKA, Godfrey* N DB Wilfrid Laurier Extended 01/31/22
PICTON, Mitchell* N WR Regina Extended 01/31/22
POWELL, William A RB Kansas State Signed with OTT 02/08/22
PURIFOY, Loucheiz A DB Florida Signed with BC 02/08/22
REAVES, Jordan* N DL Brandon University
ROBERTSON, Pete A LB Texas Tech Extended 02/06/22
RYAN, Jonathan* N P Regina
ST. JOHN, Josiah* N OL Oklahoma Re-signed 02/08/22
TEITZ, Micah* N LB Calgary Extended 12/28/21
VAUGHN, Terran A OL Stephen F. Austin State Extended 01/11/22
WILLIAMS, D’haquille A WR Auburn Extended 02/05/22
WILLIAMS-LAMBERT, Jordan A WR Ball State Signed with CGY 02/16/22


AMBLES, Markeith A WR Houston Signed with TOR 02/10/22
AMOS, DaShaun A DB East Carolina Signed with TOR 02/08/22
BEGELTON, Reggie A WR Lamar Extended 01/06/22
CAREY, Ka’Deem A RB Arizona Extended 01/31/22
CRAWFORD, Aaron* N LS Saint Mary’s
DESJARDINS, Vincent* N DL Laval Signed with MTL 02/11/22
DOZIER, Branden A DB UNC Charlotte Extended 02/03/22
GREENWOOD, Cory* N LB Concordia
HUNCHAK, Colton* N WR York Extended 01/14/22
JORDEN, Kamar A WR Bowling Green State Extended 01/26/22
KASITATI, Nila A OL Oklahoma
LANGLAIS, William* N RB Sherbrooke Re-Signed 02/25/22
LAWRENCE, Justin* N OL Alberta Signed with TOR 02/08/22
LEMON, Shawn A DL Akron Re-signed 02/08/22
LEONARD, Richard A DB Florida International Signed with HAM 02/08/22
MAIER, Jake A QB California Davis Extended 12/31/21
MAYALA, Hergy* N WR Connecticut Signed with MTL 02/08/22
MCCARTY, Calvin* N FB Western Washington
MCEWEN, Sean* N OL Calgary Extended 01/19/22
METCHIE, Royce* N DB Guelph Traded to Tor 02/04/22
MILANOVIC-LITRE, Ante* N RB Simon Fraser
MOXEY, Jonathan A DB Boise State Extended 02/06/22
O’CONNOR, Michael* N QB UBC Signed with BC 02/08/22
ORIMOLADE, Folarin A DL Dartmouth Extended 01/05/22
PAREDES, Rene* N K Concordia Extended 01/25/22
PFEFFER, Ronald* N K Wilfrid Laurier
POWER, Charlie* N RB Saskatchewan Re-signed 02/09/22
ROSE, Mike A DL North Carolina State Extended 01/17/22
SANKEY, Darnell A LB Sacramento State Signed with SSK 02/08/22
SCEVIOUR, Ryan* N OL Calgary Extended 01/20/22
SINDANI, Richard* N WR Regina Extended 02/04/22
SOPIK, Fraser* N LB Western University Extended 01/28/22
STATZ, Nicholas* N DB Calgary
THOMAS, Roc A RB Jacksonville State
THURMAN, Jameer A LB Indiana State Extended 01/31/22
WALL, Jamar A DB Texas Tech
WIGGAN, Derek* N DL Queen’s Extended 01/17/22
WILDS, Brandon A RB South Carolina
WILLIAMS, Zack* N OL Manitoba Extended 01/14/22
WILLIAMS, Ucambre A OL South Alabama Signed with OTT 02/08/22
WILSON, Raheem A DB Southeastern Oklahoma State Extended 02/07/22


ANDERSON, Nathan* N DL Missouri
BEDARD, Martin* N LS Connecticut Released 12/28/21
BETTS, Mathieu* N DL Laval Signed with BC 02/08/22
BOATENG, Kwaku* N DL Wilfrid Laurier Signed with OTT 02/08/22
BROWN, Darrell A OL Louisiana Tech
EDWARDS, Armanti A WR Appalachian State Released 12/28/21
ELLINGSON, Greg A WR Florida International Signed with WPG 02/08/22
HOOVER, Jordan* N DB Waterloo Extended 01/11/22
JONES, Mike* N WR Southern Extended 01/20/22
MONCRIEF, Derrick A LB Oklahoma State Signed with SSK 02/08/22
O’DONNELL, Matthew* N OL Queen’s Retired 02/03/22
PERKINS, David A DE Illinois State Extended 01/26/22
REMPEL, Chad* N LS Saskatchewan
RENFROW, Justin A OL Miami
ROGERS, SirVincent A OL Houston Released 12/28/21
Retired 01/28/22
ROSE, Jonathan A DB Nebraska Released 12/28/21
ROUYER, Maxime A LB McGill Extended 01/06/21
SIMMONS, Antonio A DE Georgia Tech Extended 01/31/22
SMALLS, Albert A DB Northern Illinois
SMITH, Tevaun* N WR Iowa Extended 01/20/22
TUCK, James* N FB York Released 12/28/21
VANDERVOORT, Daniel* N WR McMaster Extended 29/12/21
WALKER, Derel A WR Texas A&M Extended 02/05/22
WASHINGTON, Trumaine A DB Louisville Signed with OTT 02/10/22
WHYTE, Sean* N K South Fraser Rams Jrs. Signed with BC 02/08/22
WILDER, James A RB Florida State Extended 01/24/22
WILLIAMS, Terry RB Kutztown Released 12/28/21
WOODMAN, Josh* A DB Western University Extended 29/12/21


BAZZIE, Alex A DL Marshall
BURNHAM, Bryan A WR Tulsa Extended 01/28/22
CAPI, Nordly A DL Akron
CHUNGH, Sukh* N OL Calgary Extended 12/28/21
CIOFFI, Anthony A DB Rutgers
COTTOY, Jevon* N WR Langley Rams Jr. Extended 02/02/22
DOLL, Tanner* A LB Calgary Extended 12/31/21
FIGUEROA, Joel A OL Miami Extended 01/31/22
FLINTOFT, Stefan A K UCLA Extended 12/23/21
GODBER, Peter* N OL Rice Extended 02/07/22
GUZYLAK-MESSAM, Isaiah* N LB Wilfrid Laurier Extended 12/30/21
JOHNSON, Hakeem* N DB Western University Extended 12/31/21
JOHNSON, Shaquille* N WR London Beefeaters Signed with OTT 02/09/22
JONES, Derek* N DB Simon Fraser
KONAR, Adam* N LB Calgary Signed with EDM 02/08/22
LEE, TJ A DB Eastern Washington Extended 01/11/22
MATHEWS, Ryker A OL Brigham Young
NORMAN, Philip A OL Bethune-Cookman Extended 12/30/21
PETERS, Garry A DB Clemson Extended 02/01/22
POSEY, DeVier A WR Ohio State
RAINEY, Chris A RB Florida
RHYMES, Dominique A WR Murray State Extended 12/30/21
STEWARD, Hunter* N OL Liberty Signed with OTT 02/08/22
TAVAI, JR A DL USC Signed with HAM 02/09/22
THOMPSON, Anthony* N DB Southern Illinois
WAY, Jamarius A WR South Alabama
WHITEHEAD, Lucky A WR Florida Atlantic Extended 01/10/22