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#CFL reveals full list of #CFLCombine pres. by @NewEraCanada participants.

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Play #122: All scoring plays are automatically reviewed by the Command Centre. After review by the Replay Official the call on the field is overturned. The pass was incomplete. #CFL #GreyCup

Play #107 continued: If the ball is fielded in the air and the five yard halo is broken, it is a 15 yard penalty. If the ball is fielded after the ball hits the ground it is a 5 yard penalty. #CFL #GreyCup

Play #107: There was No-Yards penalty on the #Redblacks punt. The team covering a punt must give a five yard halo to the returner to field the ball. #CFL #GreyCup

Play #83: #Stampeders REC (#81 Matthews) flagged for Unnecessary Roughness on the play. This is a 15 yard major foul penalty for an altercation after the whistle. #CFL

Play #75: #Stampeders RB (#38 Williams)has broken the record for longest punt return touchdown in #GreyCup history with a 97 yard return touchdown. #CFL

Play #26: The ruling was that the ball carrier’s forward progress was stopped before a fumble occurred. If there is information the coach doesn’t have that may impact his decision to challenge, he may pick up his challenge after speaking with the referee. #CFL #GreyCup

Play #9: #Redblacks LB (#44 Tavai) flagged for an illegal blindside block. It is foul to deliver a forceable block toward your own goal line. This is a 15 yard penalty #GreyCup #CFL

Play #4: #Redblacks DB (#32 West) flagged for Unnecessary Roughness for a late hit of an opponent on the punt. This is a 15 yard major foul penalty. #CFL #GreyCup

The #CFL officials for the 106th #GreyCup https://t.co/56uswMidHZ

2018 CFL Most Outstanding Player: #Stampeders QB Bo Levi Mitchell. Mitchell is the only quarterback in CFL history to throw 5000+ yards while not having a teammate record 1000+ receiving yards. #CFLawards #CFL

2018 CFL Most Outstanding Canadian: #Redblacks REC Brad Sinopoli. The Peterborough, Ontario native broke the record for Canadian receptions in a season with 116, surpassing all time Canadian great, Ben Cahoon. #CFLawards #CFL

October 13, 2006

League looks at rule reverse for Dickenson

By Mike Beamish, Vancouver Sun Although he has a reputation for offensive creativity, the record book reverse isn’t an innovation currently in Dave Dickenson’s playbook. Nonetheless, ...

By Mike Beamish,
Vancouver Sun

Although he has a reputation for offensive creativity, the record book reverse isn’t an innovation currently in Dave Dickenson’s playbook.

Nonetheless, CFL officials are hoping to make a rule change that retroactively would grant Dickenson a North American pro football record for passing percentage.

The Lions quarterback completed an astounding 73.98 per cent of his passes in the 2005 season, good enough to eclipse the pro football record of 70.66 set by Cincinnati’s Ken Anderson in the strike-shortened 1982 NFL season. According to CFL criteria, however, Dickenson needed a minimum 360 throws — based on an average of 20 attempts over an 18-game schedule — to qualify his percentage as a record. He fell 18 attempts short because a concussion kept him out of the lineup for four games.

Shawn Coates, director of football operations for the CFL, said a presentation is being made to the league’s rules committee to standardize all passing records with the same minimum requirements. Currently, passing records under different categories vary from a minimum of 250 attempts to 360.

“We want to create a level playing field across all categories. We have some inconsistencies,” says Coates, who adds that passing records must wait to be standardized by the rules committee when it meets at the CFL Congress next February in Montreal.

Meanwhile, the veteran quarterback returned to the practice field Thursday, limiting his participation and working on his own while he seeks to shake the effects of post-concussion syndrome. Dickenson won’t be at Sunday’s game in Calgary.

“They’ve advised me to pull back a little bit,” he said.

Asked if he expects to play again this season, Dickenson said, “As long as I’m symptom-free. But if I’m not symptom-free, I’m not playing. I think I will. I’m not at the point yet where I can even watch film.”

May 23, 2006

CFL announces rule changes for 2006

Three rule changes ratified by Board of Governors
February 22, 2006

New CFL rule recommendations

Three amended/new rules to be recommended by Rules Committee for Board approval

Three amended/new rules to be recommended by Rules Committee for Board approval

Toronto, Ontario – The Canadian Football League (CFL) announced today a summary of the proposed rule changes which were reviewed and agreed upon by the CFL Rules Committee this afternoon during 2006 CFL Congress. The following recommendations will be presented to the CFL Board of Governors for ratification before the end of April.

1. Allowing Head Coach to call Team time outs

Rule 1 Section 7 Article 5 (a) (Page 15)

Reword (a) to read

The team time out may be requested by any player on the field, or the Head Coach, and may be directed to any official on the field

Rationale – very often team time outs are used strategically to stop the clock and have it restart on the next snap. Since the Head Coach determines such strategy, he should be allowed to request the team time out.

2. Hands to the face

Rule 4 Section 3 (NEW) Article 4 (Page 30)

Add Article 4

Neither Team A nor Team B may use hands open or closed to provide leverage against the face mask of an opponent.

Rationale – For player safety, this rule change will prevent both clubs from using leverage on face masks.

3. No yards penalties

Rule 5 Section 4 Article 1 (Page 37)

Reword entire article to read as follows

When on a kick from scrimmage (ball crosses the line of scrimmage), or on an open-field kick, a player who is offside in relation to the kicker:

(a) shall not touch or be touched by the ball

Penalty – in field of play – L 15 from PBT (point ball touched)

– in goal area – L 15, penalty applied at 10 yard line

(b) (1) shall allow five yards to an opponent attempting to gain possession of the kicked ball. The five-yard zone is determined by a circle with a five yard radius, with the centre point being the ball at the instant it is first touched.

Penalty – in field of play – L 15 from PBT

– in goal area – L 15, penalty applied at 10 yard line

(b) (2) if the ball struck the ground before being touched by the receiving team

Penalty – in field of play – L 5 from PBT

– in goal area – L 5, penalty applied at 10 yard line

(b) (3) if a kicking team player is making no attempt to withdrawal from the five yard zone, a 15 yard penalty will apply regardless whether the ball bounced

(c) shall not interfere with a receiving team player attempting to gain possession of the kicked ball, with or without contact

Penalty – L 15 from normal point of application

(d) a player of the kicking team who invades the five-yard zone, and contacts a receiving team player who is attempting to play the ball in an unnecessarily rough manner, will be subject to an additional 15 or 25 yard penalty, regardless of whether the ball had struck the ground.

Rationale – A rewrite of the entire article to simplify and clarify each of the five possible scenarios involved. The intent of the rule is to allow a receiving team player the opportunity to play the ball with the protection of a five-yard zone in which to do so.

When a ball has bounced players routinely and deliberately invade the five-yard zone, believing that the only penalty that will apply is a 5 yard No Yards foul. Players will interfere with a receiver by hovering over the ball or a player attempting to field the ball without contact, interfering with the returner's concentration and inhibiting his opportunity to play the ball, protected in the 5 yard zone.

Players will also invade the five-yard zone and contact a player prior to his touching the ball.

Interference with a kick receiver, with or without contact, should result in a 15 yard penalty.

If a returner is contacted in an unnecessarily rough manner by a player who is inside the zone prior to the touching of the ball, then a double penalty of 15 yards for No Yards; and 15 yards for Unnecessary Roughness or 25 yards for Rough Play; should be applied.

About the Canadian Football League

The Canadian Football League (CFL) operates in nine leading cities across Canada. Building on a strong past toward a stronger future, the CFL celebrates Canada's game with fans across the nation. The 94th Grey Cup will be played in Winnipeg, Manitoba on November 19, 2006.

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