TORONTO — Regional combines became an important part of the annual CFL Combine in 2013, as the league continues broadening its evaluation of the top amateur talent in the country.

That year in addition to the National Combine held each year in Toronto, the league added two regional combines in Edmonton and Quebec City. The next year, a third regional combine was added to Toronto while the other two were held in Edmonton and Montreal, a format that continued in 2015 and 2016.

Last year, the Western Regional Combine headed to Winnipeg in it’s second year as a part of Mark’s CFL Week, while the Eastern Regional and Ontario Regional remain in Montreal and Toronto respectively.

This year, the Western Regional will take place in Edmonton, while the Eastern Regional and Ontario Regional will once again remain in Montreal and Toronto respectively.

Of the regional combine participants that received invites to the national combine, 75 per cent have gone on to be drafted while 68 per cent are currently on CFL rosters.

Regional Combine by the Numbers: 

– 56 of 74 players invited from regional combines to the National Combine went on to be drafted.

– 50 of 74 are currently on a CFL roster.

By Pick:

1st Round – 0
2nd Round – 8
3rd Round – 2
4th Round – 12
5th Round – 6
6th Round – 8
7th Round – 13
8th Round – 4
Undrafted – 17

List of Regional Combine participants invited to National Combine

Year Combine Player POS School Draft Current
2018 Winnipeg William Watson WR UBC Round 7, pick 54 (BC) BC
2018 Winnipeg Justin Buren WR Simon Fraser Round 5, pick 37 (HAM) Retired
2018 Winnipeg Tanner Green RB Concordia Round 4, pick 32 (EDM) EDM
2018 Montreal Marco Dubios WR Laval Round 2, pick 13 (OTT) OTT
2018 Montreal Khadim Mbaye LB Ottawa Round 7, pick 52 (MTL) MTL
2018 Montreal Justin Howell DB Carleton Round 7, pick 55 (OTT) OTT
2018 Montreal Arnaud Gendron-Dumouchel OL Montreal Round 4, pick 33 (WPG) Retired
2018 Toronto Eric Mezzalira LB McMaster Round 2, pick 17 (CGY) CGY
2018 Toronto Jordan Beaulieu DB Western Round 3, pick 24 (EDM) EDM
2018 Toronto Jacob Firlotte DB Queen’s Round 7, pick 58 (WPG) WPG
2018 Toronto Paul Kozachuk LB Toronto Round 6, pick 46 (MTL) MTL
2018 Toronto Harry McMaster WR Western Round 7, pick 53 (EDM) EDM
2018 Toronto Sam MacMillan OL Toronto Undrafted
2017 Regina Alex Morrison WR UBC Round 4, pick 29 (MTL) FA
2017 Regina Julan Lynch WR Saskatchewan Round 2, pick 17 (CGY) CGY
2017 Regina Adam Laurensse DB Calgary Round 7, pick 61 (CGY) SSK
2017 Regina Mitchell Hillis WR Saskatchewan Round 8, pick 69 (BC) BC
2017 Regina Ante Milanovic-Litre RB Simon Fraser Round 4, pick 28 (CGY) CGY
2017 Toronto Adam Adabobye WR York Undrafted
2017 Toronto Jonah Pataki RB Queen’s Undrafted
2017 Toronto Mark Mackie DL McMaster Round 8, pick 67 (EDM) EDM
2017 Toronto Jordan Hoover DB Waterloo Round 4, pick 31 (EDM) EDM
2017 Toronto Richard Gillespie DB Toronto Undrafted
2017 Montreal Anthony Gosselin RB Sherbrooke Round 2, pick 18 (OTT) OTT
2017 Montreal Alexandre Chevrier LB Sherbrooke Round 7, pick 55 (SSK) SSK
2017 Montreal Harland Hastings DB Acadia Undrafted
2017 Montreal Mathieu Dupuis DL Montreal Round 5, pick 44 (OTT) OTT
2017 Montreal Malcolm Carter WR Carleton Round 6, pick 5 (MTL)
2016 Edmonton Brennan Van Nistelrooy DB Okanagan Round 6, pick 48 (BC) BC
2016 Edmonton Nicholas Termansen DB UBC Undrafted FA
2016 Edmonton Boyd Richardson DL UBC Round 8, pick 65 (BC) BC
2016 Edmonton Alex Ogbongbemiga LB

Calgary Colts


Round 5, pick 36 (SSK) EDM
2016 Edmonton DJ Lalama LB Manitoba Round 8, pick 70 (EDM) EDM
2016 Montreal Maiko Zepeda DB Montreal Round 7, pick 56 (MTL) MTL
2016 Montreal Marc-Antoine Laurin LB Ottawa Undrafted FA
2016 Montreal Donald Tabor FB St. Francis Xavier Undrafted FA
2016 Montreal Devon Stewart FB McGill Undrafted FA
2016 Toronto Donnie Egerter DL Guelph Undrafted FA
2016 Toronto John Biewald DL Western Undrafted OTT
2016 Toronto Michael Kashak DL McMaster Round 6, pick 51 (CGY) CGY
2016 Toronto Jamal Kett WR Western Round 7, pick 60 (OTT) OTT
2016 Toronto Malcolm Brown DB Western Undrafted CGY
2016 Toronto Nathan O’Halloran RB Windsor Round 7, pick 57 (BC) BC
2016 Toronto Shaquille Johnson WR Western Round 4, pick 32 (BC) BC
2016 Toronto Kevin Jackson LB Sam Houston State Round 4, pick 34 (OTT) OTT
2015 Edmonton Kahlen Branning DB Regina Undrafted FA
2015 Edmonton Dexter Janke DB Okanagan Round 5, pick 44 (CGY) CGY
2015 Edmonton Auston Johnson LB South Dakota Undrafted FA
2015 Edmonton Quinn Lawlor OL Brigham Young Round 6, pick 48 (MTL) MTL
2015 Montreal Anthony Coady DB Montreal Round 7, pick 57 (MTL) MTL
2015 Montreal Jean-Samuel Blanc DL Montreal Undrafted MTL
2015 Montreal William Langlais RB Sherbrooke Round 3, pick 27 (CGY) CGY
2015 Montreal Mikhail Davidson REC Montreal Round 5, pick 40 (MTL) MTL
2015 Toronto Melvin Abankwah RB Saint Mary’s Round 6, pick 50 (SSK) SSK
2015 Toronto Matt Rea FB Michigan State Round 4, pick 35 (SSK) SSK
2015 Toronto Louis Mensah LB Fort Lewis College Undrafted FA
2014 Edmonton Tore Corrado REC Simon Fraser Round 6, pick 51 (TOR) FA
2014 Edmonton Michael Dadzie DL Regina Round 7, pick 57 (EDM) FA
2014 Edmonton Kyle Paterson OL Regina Round 5, pick 45 (SSK) FA
2014 Edmonton Thomas Miles LB Manitoba Round 4, pick 33 (TOR) TOR
2014 Edmonton Dylan Roper DL Simon Fraser Round 6, pick 50 (BC) FA
2014 Montreal Travis Bent LB Concordia Round 6, pick 54 (SSK) FA
2014 Montreal Guillaume G. Bourassa RB Laval Round 7, pick 59 (Lions) FA
2014 Montreal Alexandre Dupuis FB Montreal Round 4, pick 36 (Argonauts) EDM
2014 Montreal Francis Lapointe REC Sherbrooke Undrafted FA
2014 Montreal Nigel Romick DL Saint Mary’s Round 3, pick 23 (REDBLACKS) OTT
2014 Toronto Raye Hartmann DB St. FX Round 4, pick 30 (Eskimos) SSK
2014 Toronto Scott MacDonell REC Queen’s Round 2, pick 13 (REDBLACKS) OTT
2014 Toronto Aaron Milton RB Toronto Round 2, pick 15 (Eskimos) EDM
2014 Toronto James Tuck DL York Round 4, pick 31 (Alouettes) WPG
2013 Edmonton Michael Klassen DL Calgary Round 4, pick 32 (Alouettes) MTL
2013 Edmonton Jermaine Gabriel S Calgary (CJFL) Round 2, pick 17 (Argonauts) TOR
2013 Quebec City Kristopher Robertson DB Concordia Round 2, pick 11 (Blue Bombers) FA