Bag Policy

To ensure a safe environment for the public, eliminate unnecessary contact at entry gates, and to accelerate fan entry into the stadium, the CFL strongly encourages fans to not bring any type of bags. Fans without bags may use a dedicated “No Bag” lane, designed for faster entry.

If required, bags must not exceed 14” x 6” x 14” (the size of a small backpack). All bags will subject to inspection upon entry.

Bags which are prohibited include, but are not limited to: coolers, luggage of any kind or any bag larger than the permissible size.

Prohibited Items Policy

For the safety and security of all fans and employees, the following items are not permitted at Raymond Field:

• All outside food and beverage (exceptions may be made for medical/dietary reasons).

Weapons or replicas of any kind including but not limited to:

  • Guns, firearms, ammunition, stun guns.
  • Self-defense sprays, fuels, torches, lighter fluid.
  • Bats, brass knuckles, batons, martial art weapons.
  • Knives, razor blades, box cutters, scissors, tools.
  • Explosives, fireworks, incendiary devices, smoke bombs, aerosols, paints, flammable liquids.
  •  Hard-sided water bottles.
  • Glass bottles.
  • Bags which are larger than 14″x14″x6″ (small backpack). No luggage or coolers permitted.
  •  Illegal drugs, illicit substances or prescription narcotics in non-labelled containers.
  • Umbrellas larger than 16” or with a point.
  • Professional grade cameras, tripods, selfie sticks.
  • Video cameras and the use of video capable devices such as GoPro.
  • Items intended to create an optical distraction (laser pointing devices).
  • Air horns, megaphones, whistles and other mechanical noise makers.
  • Signs on poles or sticks or constructed of wood or metal material.
  • Projectiles including, but not limited to, inflatable balls, frisbees and hula hoops.
  • Non-service animals.
  • Portable chairs permitted in the family zone ONLY.
  • Rollerblades, skateboards, scooters and bicycles.
  • Drones (unmanned aircraft systems) or other remote-controlled devices.
  • Inappropriate attire or signage (includes all gang affiliations).
  • Parcels, packages or items that the contents of which are not displayed.
  • Any other items deemed to be dangerous or inappropriate.

Fans who inadvertently bring prohibited items to the venue have two options prior to entry being granted:

  • Return the item(s) to a location of the ticket holder’s choice away from the venue. Raymond Field does not offer storage services.
  • Voluntarily surrender the item(s) in amnesty for disposal. Items will not be returned.

Entry will not be granted until the ticket holder deals with the prohibited item as described above.

*Please note, prohibited items contravening federal law may result in criminal charges.

Permitted Items

• Water bottles are permitted, given that they are soft-sided and less than 750ml. Water bottles can be filled at water fountains located throughout the tailgate and in the stadium.
• Non-professional cameras and binoculars.
• Small collapsible umbrellas smaller than 16” — cannot impede the view of other fans.
• Lung powered noisemakers.
• Small strollers (must fold and be able to be stored safely under your seat).
• Bags that are 14″x6″x14″ (small backpack), diaper bags or bags with medical equipment (All bags subject to inspection).
• Banners and signs — signs must be handheld, event-related, in good taste and cannot obstruct another guest’s view. They may not contain commercial messages, logos or political endorsements and may not be hung off affixed stadium structures.
• Flags (on telescopic poles only – aluminum golf ball retriever or plastic).
• Costumes / Masks (costumes may be subject to enhanced inspection and masks must be removed upon request of stadium personnel or when purchasing alcohol).

Fan Code of Conduct

The CFL is committed to providing a safe, enjoyable, and memorable experience. If you have a question or need assistance during the event, please approach a member of our venue team or email

To create a safe and secure environment for all fans, the following conduct has been deemed unacceptable at Raymond Field:

  • The use of aggressive, offensive, discriminatory or abusive language and actions.
  • Violent behaviour including fighting, taunting and making threatening remarks or gestures.
  • Smoking including cigarettes, cigars, marijuana, narcotics, e-cigarettes and other vapour producing devices.
  • Intoxication or other signs of substance impairment.
  • Throwing objects of any kind.
  • Displaying signs or clothing with obscene, offensive, gang affiliated or indecent messages.
  • Standing on seats or blocking the aisles.
  • Refusal or inability to produce a valid ticket to venue personnel.
  • Sitting in seats other than one’s ticketed seat.
  • Entering clearly marked restricted areas.
  • Any action that impedes the enjoyment of other guests including interference with the event or game.
  • Violation of any municipal, provincial, or federal laws.

Our venue team has been trained to proactively intervene when required and is committed to engaging all fans in a professional, respectful and courteous manner.
Violators of the Fan Code of Conduct are subject to ejection from the stadium without refund. Actions which constitute criminal behaviour, as defined by law, may result in arrest and prosecution.

The CFL thanks you for adhering to the Fan Code of Conduct!

Re-Entry Policy

Re-entry will be permitted.

Smoking Policy

Smoking is prohibited inside the venue

Alcohol Management Policy

As the licensee, the CFL is committed to the responsible sale and service of alcohol and complies with the regulations of the Nova Scotia Alcohol and Gaming Division (AGD) and the Liquor Control Act. The legal age for alcohol consumption in the Province of Nova Scotia is 19 years of age. For each alcohol purchase, any customer who appears to be age 30 or under is required to show valid, government-issued photo ID. Any guest who produces false identification will be subject to eviction.

Fans will not be served more than two alcoholic beverages at one time and we reserve the right to limit service to one drink per fan. We reserve the right to refuse alcohol service to any patron at any time and to discontinue the sale of alcohol at any time.

Fans are not permitted to bring alcoholic beverages of any kind into Raymond Field and may be subject to eviction by doing so. Any purchase of alcoholic beverages is intended for consumption in Raymond Field only and may not leave the building.

If you drink, don’t drive. Please utilize one of the game day transportation options.

Service Dogs

Raymond Field abides by the Nova Scotia Government regulations as outlined in the Service Dog Act. The purchase of an aisle seat is required for your service dog.

First Aid/Medical Assistance

Medical assistance is available. If required, please contact any member of our venue team.

Lost and Found

Acadia University Safety and Security Services offers lost and found. For more information, please click here.

*Please note the CFL is not responsible for any items lost, stolen or damaged items.