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Toronto, ON M5E 1C8, CANADA
Tel: (416) 322-9650
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1 Brett Boyko UNLV OL
2 Alex Mateas UCONN OL
3 Daryl Waud Western DL
4 Tyler Varga Yale RB
5 Nic Demski Manitoba WR
6 Sean McEwen Calgary OL
7 Sukh Chungh Calgary OL
8 Danny Groulx Laval OL
9 Addison Richards Regina WR
10 Jacob Ruby Richmond OL
Fan Poll
Which team has the best 1-2 punch in the backfield?
1) BC: Andrew Harris, Stefan Logan
2) EDM: John White, Kendial Lawrence
3) CGY: Jon Cornish, Matt Walter
4) TOR: Curtis Steele, Steve Slaton
5) HAM: CJ Gable, Nic Grigsby
6) SSK: Anthony Allen, Jerome Messam