Each team may have a maximum of 45 players (min. 44), including three quarterbacks, at least one global player, 21 national players including one nationalized American. Teams can dress a maximum of 19 Americans not including quarterbacks and the nationalized American.

Nationals Global Americans Quarterbacks Total
Min. 21* Min. 1 Max. 19 3 44**

*Includes one nationalized American
**45th player would be an extra national or global player

Of the 45 players named to the roster, each team may dress an active roster of 45 players, broken down as follows:

  • Maximum of 3 QBs (no designation)
  • Maximum of 19 American players
  • Minimum of 21 National players
    • Including one nationalized American
  • Minimum of 1 Global player

**45th player would be an extra national or global player

Designated Americans, Designated Nationalized Americans and Designated Nationals

For the 2024 season teams must indicate the designated Nationalized Americans and the designated Nationals that that player may replace for a maximum of 25 plays.

Designated Americans

A Designated American (DA) is a non-Starting American player who may play on all special teams. During regular offensive or defensive possessions, he may only replace an American player on the field.

As occurred for the past few seasons, when a DA enters the game for an offensive or defensive snap, he does not need to report to the sideline official.

If a Club dresses more than the minimum number of National players required, this action will reduce the number of American players on the roster and thus reduce the number of DA’s a team will employ.

Nationalized Americans

Nationalized American players are defined as having played with their current team for 3 years or at least 5 years in the League. One Nationalized American player may be listed as one of the eight National starters.

National Players

A Club must start at least eight Nationals, however one of these Nationals may be a Nationalized American.  Prior to the game, each Club must identify how many National starters will be playing on offence and defence and that number cannot be deviated from.

Replacing an Injured National Player

As was the case in 2023, an injured National player may be replaced by a Nationalized American, National or Global player. If this is to occur, that National player may return to the game at any point once he’s healthy enough to do so.

Designated Nationalized Americans replacing Designated National Players for up to 25 Snaps

National player and his backups for up to 25 snaps. As Clubs are aware, these snaps will be tracked by League personnel and Club staff may follow. Once the Club has reached its 25-snap quota on either offence or defence, they will no longer be able to substitute in this manner for the remainder of the game.

If they violate this rule, the Commissioner will have discretion to impose fines to the Club, General Manager, Head Coach as well as having the option to take away draft picks. The designated Nationalized American will not start the game and will also be identified as DA.  There can be one of these players on offence and one on defence.

This Designated Nationalized American will be identified on the depth chart.  After the first play on his side of the ball, this player may enter the game for any American player and play the remainder of the game and/or play in place of the designated National player or his backups for up to 25 snaps.