Each team may have a maximum of 46 players, including 2 players who shall be identified as quarterbacks and 44 other players, of whom not more than 20 may be American players.

Each team must establish a reserve roster of 1 player.

Roster Breakdown
Nationals Global Americans Quarterbacks Reserve Total
Min. 21 Min. 2 Max. 20 2 1 46

Of the 46 players named to the roster, each team may dress an active roster of 45 players, broken down as follows:

  • Maximum of 2 QBs (no designation)
  • Maximum of 20 American players (4 of which must be identified as designated Americans)
  • Minimum of 21 National players
  • Minimum of 2 Global players

The four designated American players are players who can play on special teams OR replace an American starter (they cannot start).

Of the 24 starters on a team, a minimum of seven starters will be nationals players. When applied to a starting roster of a team it breaks down as follows (when using the minimum number of national players):

  • 1 QB
  • 16 American players
  • 7 starting national players

The following Players shall be classified as National Players (formerly non-import):
(a)    Canadian citizens at the time of signing of the Player’s first contract;
(b)    A Player classified as a non-import prior to May 31st, 2014;  OR
(c)    A Player who was physically resident in Canada for an aggregate period of five (5) years prior to attaining the age of eighteen (18) years.