A Game of Rouges By The Hamilton Tiger-Cats

The Game of Thrones opening gets remade with some CFL flavour…

Everyone watched Game of Thrones (if you don’t you should) and Season 6 premieres on April 24th at 10pm.

To celebrate the premiere the Hamilton Tiger-Cats re-imagined the opening but with CFL teams and the map of Canada.  This is unreal…

Each team even got their own banner!  They’re awesome!
Ticats Banner (0-00-06-19)Calgary Banner (0-00-06-04)

Edmonton Banner (0-00-06-08) Lions Banner (0-00-06-08) Montreal Banner (0-00-06-12) Ottawa Banner (0-00-06-04)_1 Sask Banner (0-00-06-15)  Winnipeg Banner (0-00-06-15)

Argos Banner (0-00-06-12)