Interested in playing in the CFL? The CFL does not hold general tryout camps, but our teams travel across North America on scouting trips. Please contact individual teams below to learn more about their scouting camps.

Over a century of rich history and nine member teams across the nation, the CFL provides world-class entertainment and excitement to a passionate and dedicated fan base.


Of the 45-man dress roster, a team may have up to 23 American players and 2 players who are from outside of North America (Global players). The remaining players are Canadians.


American players enter the League via Free Agency or the Negotiation List. The Negotiation List takes the place of drafting American players. 8 of our 9 CFL cities are a two hour or less drive to the US border and all cities fly direct flights to the US.

$100K PLUS

Average salaries for players are over $100,000 CAD with many starters making considerably more (starting QB’s make in the $300k – $500k CAD range). Guaranteed contract options for veteran players.


Each year in December through early February, every CFL player has the ability to try out and sign with an NFL Club. If signed by an NFL team, the player is allowed to opt out of his remaining CFL contract, regardless of how many years he has signed for.


Training Camps open in May for three weeks of camp and the season concludes in mid-November with our Championship Game, the Grey Cup. During the regular season, players are only mandated to participate in team activities for 4 1⁄2 hours per day.


Revenue sharing potential with players. Pension program for players includes financial contributions from CFL teams. Injury & Medical insurance coverage for players and families. Open work permits. Bonuses for Playoff & Grey Cup performance.

Vous souhaitez jouer dans la LCF? La LCF n’organise pas des camps d’essais généraux, mais nos équipes parcourent l’Amérique du Nord pour recruter de nouveaux joueurs. Veuillez communiquer individuellement avec chacun de nos clubs pour en apprendre davantage sur ces camps de recrutement.