‘The Waggle’ presented by Sport Clips is the official podcast of the Canadian Football League, hosted by Gemini nominated broadcaster Donnovan Bennett and three-time Grey Cup Champion, two-time CFL All-Star, and Most Outstanding Canadian East nominee Davis Sanchez.  To subscribe and listen to recent episodes, please see below. 



Below is an archived library of Episodes from 2019.

Episode 191: The annual holiday show with gifts for each team!

EPISODE OVERVIEW: We quickly touch on the most recent coaching moves before bringing in Don Landry to help us think of gifts for every CFL team!

EPISODE RUNDOWN: Dinwiddie takes over in Toronto (3:00); Chamblin out (7:00); Milanovich returns in Edmonton (9:00); Walters/O’Shea extensions (11:30); Don Landry has a gift for every team (14:00).

Episode 190: Ranking the free agent QBs + Rick Campbell exclusive

EPISODE OVERVIEW: Donnovan and Davis get caught up on the coaching movement in the CFL, including a special guest interview with Rick Campbell. Finally, they touch on upcoming free agency by ranking (and debating) their top available QBs.

EPISODE RUNDOWN: Reacting to Paul LaPolice hire (3:00); Other potential coaching hires (8:00); Davis predicts Campbell hire (13:00); Rick Campbell 1-on-1 (23:30); Davis’ free agent story time (43:45); Answering twitter questions (52:00); Ranking the pending FA QBs (55:30).

Episode 189: All aboard the coaching carousel w/ Dave Naylor

EPISODE OVERVIEW: The off-season begins! CFL on TSN insider Dave Naylor joins Donnovan to discuss the first domino in the off-season coaching moves, as well as look ahead to some pending free agency questions.

EPISODE RUNDOWN: Rick Campbell’s move to BC (1:50); What is next for Jason Maas? (3:30); Ottawa’s HC vacancy (5:30); Edmonton HC vacancy (10:15); Is Chamblin safe in Argoland? (11:50); The QB free agent class of 2020 (20:00); The QB scenario in Winnipeg (27:15); 2019 takeaways (33:40); 2020 look-ahead, global player impact (37:00).


Episode 188: For the W; recapping historic Grey Cup

EPISODE OVERVIEW: The guys reflect on the 107th Grey Cup and the season that was. They also take a chance to look ahead at what changes might come, particularly at the quarterback position.

EPISODE RUNDOWN: Grey Cup storyline recap (0:30); What do the Bombers do now at QB? (9:00); What went wrong for the Ticats? (12:30); What does Hamilton do now? (18:00); Season reflections (28:00).

Episode 187: Grey Cup Preview Show w/ Burris + Morreale

EPISODE OVERVIEW: Grey Cup week is finally here! The guys welcome in Grey Cup champs Mike Morreale and Henry Burris for their take on the matchup and check in on the latest LeoVegas odds ahead of the big game.

EPISODE RUNDOWN: Mike Morreale drops by to preview GC (1:30); Swoop Airlines Aerial Report (13:15); LeoVegas Odds for Grey Cup (18:45); Henry Burris stops in (22:00).

Extra: Extended interviews with Sunday’s QBs

EPISODE OVERVIEW: Donnovan sits down with Dane Evans and Zach Collaros ahead of Sunday’s big game.

Extra: Grey Cup show live from SportClips

EPISODE OVERVIEW: Donnovan and Davis are in Calgary for a special live on location Grey Cup edition of the Waggle, and are joined by Jamar Wall and Rene Paredes of the Stampeders. Recorded at Sport Clips Riverbend on November 20th.

Episode 186: Western Final Preview Show w/ Jamie Nye

EPISODE OVERVIEW: What in the world will the quarterback matchup look like come Sunday afternoon? And is anyone more motivated to win than Andrew Harris? Plus, Jamie Nye stops by with his take on all the quarterback scenarios in play for this weekend.

EPISODE RUNDOWN: What will the QB matchup look like? (1:30); Is Andrew Harris motivated by MOP snub? (7:30); Jamie Nye sets up Western Final (17:30); Swoop Airlines Aerial Report (19:00); How important is home field advantage actually? (27:00); Were you surprised by Claybrooks news? (31:00).

Episode 185: Eastern Final Preview Show + Als outlook

EPISODE OVERVIEW: We’re one week away from the main event. Can a crossover team finally make it all the way to the Grey Cup? And who’s feeling the pressure? Plus, Marshall Ferguson stops by to talk all things football in Canada.

EPISODE RUNDOWN: Eastern Semi thoughts (1:30); Which team is under more pressure to win? (7:00); Marshall Ferguson joins to talk EF (10:00); Swoop Airlines Aerial Report – Evans/Harris (20:30); Has John Bowman played his last game? (34:30); Matte/Adams post-game sound (40:00).

Episode 184: Western Semi-Final Preview Show

EPISODE OVERVIEW: Let’s look to the West and an intriguing quarterback matchup between Bo Levi Mitchell and Zach Collaros. These teams have seen plenty from each other in the past month. How will it play out in an elimination game? Plus, Danny Austin drops in to give the lowdown on this weekend’s Western Semi-Final.

EPISODE RUNDOWN: Danny Austin sets up Western Semi (2:00); Swoop Airlines Aerial Report (17:45); The Bombers/Stamps head-to-head (21:00); Notable Bo Levi Quotes (24:00).

Episode 183: Eastern Semi-Final Preview Show

EPISODE OVERVIEW: The playoffs are upon us! First up, the Eastern Semi Final. Why has the crossover been so difficult in the past and will the trend continue? And which team is better built to take down the Ticats? That and more on this episode of the Waggle. Plus, Matthieu Proulx joins the pod to tee up this weekend’s showdown between the Esks and the Alouettes in La Belle Province.

EPISODE RUNDOWN: How is prep different in the playoffs? (2:00); Crossover talk (5:00); Who has a better chance to beat Hamilton? (9:00); Swoop Airlines Aerial Report on QBs (13:30); Rick Campbell moves on (23:00); Matthieu Proulx tees up Eastern Semi (32:30).

Extra: Khari Jones; born to lead (extended interview)

EPISODE OVERVIEW: In this Waggle Extra, Donnovan sits down with Montreal Alouettes (interim) head coach Khari Jones to talk about his transition from player to coach, his approach to his role as head coach and his philosophy towards interacting with his players.

Episode 182: Makin’ it look easy MOPeasy + Vanstone on the Riders

EPISODE OVERVIEW: The MOP debate is in full swing but what does it take for a defensive player to take home the title? The guys are joined by veteran reporter Rob Vanstone to chat Riders and much more The Waggle presented by SportClips.

EPISODE RUNDOWN: Zach is back! (1:00); Ranking the Western QBs (6:45); Rob Vanstone drops in to chat Riders (15:45); MOP talk + how can a defensive player win? (42:00); Objectionable conduct: Argos WR Rodney Smith (53:15).

Episode 181: Playoff picture clears up + Greg Ellingson 1-on-1

EPISODE OVERVIEW: As the playoff picture starts to come into focus, who do the guys think is taking the West? And is this finally the year of the crossover? Plus, Greg Ellingson checks in to talk Esks football down the stretch.

EPISODE RUNDOWN: West Division playoff picture (1:30); VA’s bounce-back game (9:00); What’s Khari’s best option next season (11:15)?; Do the Ticats have to win this year (16:00)?; LeoVegas Grey Cup Odds (21:45); Objectionable conduct (27:30); 1-on-1 with Greg Ellingson (35:30).

Episode 180: The Pinball era begins + 1-on-1 with Bo

EPISODE OVERVIEW: What will the Argonauts look like with Pinball at the helm? And, it’s a fight to the finish in the West — who’s coming out on top? Plus, Bo Levi Mitchell stops by to talk hometown sports, the NFL and more.

EPISODE RUNDOWN: Pinball at the helm (1:15); Morley Scott interview (16:15); Who’s going to win the West? (32:30); SJ reaches 10K (39:00); Mike Reilly injury (45:15); Objectionable conduct (48:15); Bowman essay (1:00:30); Bo Levi Mitchell interview (1:03:00)

Episode 179: Ranking the receivers + 1-on-1 with Shaq Evans

EPISODE OVERVIEW: How would the guys rank this year’s receivers, and how might that factor into the MOP debate? Plus, big changes in the big smoke, and Shaq Evans swings by after yet another massive performance.

EPISODE RUNDOWN: Ranking the receivers (2:30); Shaq Evans interview (12:45); Grading Jim Popp’s tenure (23:30); Argos introduce Pinball (35:00); Trade deadline predictions (45:00); Objectionable conduct (48:30)

Episode 178: Trade deadline day looms large + Rob Hitchcock drops in

EPISODE OVERVIEW: With the trade deadline just around the corner it’s prediction time! With Winnipeg and Hamilton most likely to make a splash, Jeff Hamilton and Rob Hitchcock join the podcast to discuss the home stretch of their respective seasons.

EPISODE RUNDOWN: Trade Deadline: are QBs on the move? (1:30); Jeff Hamilton on the Bombers (13:30); Rob Hitchcock on being honoured by Ticats (38:15); Objectionable conduct, wedding edition (55:00).

Episode 177: Beef in la Belle Province + Posey pops by

EPISODE OVERVIEW: The boys break down all the pre- and post-game beef in Montreal last weekend. Plus, how did it all go down from John Lu’s perspective? And DeVier Posey tells all about what it’s really like to play in Montreal. That and more on this week’s episode of the Waggle.

EPISODE RUNDOWN: Bowman vs. Harris (2:00); DeVier Posey (14:15); John Lu drops in to talk Als (33:30); Did MTL win or WPG lose (50:00)? Quarterback change in Toronto (54:00); Objectionable conduct (56:30).

Episode 176: Bright spot in BC + The 1991 Argos

EPISODE OVERVIEW: Who’s got the better future outlook? The Lions or the REDBLACKS? Giulio Caravatta drops by to discuss. Plus, Paul Woods has a deep dive on one of the most interesting teams to ever play in the CFL: the 1991 Argonauts. All this and more, on the Waggle.

EPISODE RUNDOWN: Who has the worse outlook, OTT or BC? (1:00); Where should the REDBLACKS turn at QB? (6:30); Giulio Caravatta interview (14:30); Paul Woods interview (37:00); Davis rants on faux leadership (47:30)

Episode 175: Another man down, Burris explains + getting Wilder

EPISODE OVERVIEW: With Trevor Harris out, the Western playoff picture gets even more complicated. Henry Burris jumps on to defend his comments about how the best receiver is. Plus, it’s time to get Wilder as Argos tailback James Wilder Jr. drops in!

EPISODE RUNDOWN: The latest on Trevor Harris (2:30); Is Jason Maas’ job in jeopardy? (5:30); The West playoff picture (9:00); The crossover talk (12:45); James Wilder drops by (16:30); Henry Burris expands on who the best receiver is (26:00).

Episode 174: Labour Day lives up to the hype

EPISODE OVERVIEW: Donnovan is joined by Brodie Lawson for the post-Labour Day edition of the Waggle. Dylan Wynn joins us for an interview while we look ahead to what next weekend’s rematches have to offer.

EPISODE RUNDOWN: A Labour Day gift for Donnovan (2:30); Former Argos ball out in the Hammer (6:00pm); Rivalries heat up on Labour Day (11:00); Setting up the Banjo Bowl(14:25); Canadian player shoutouts (19:00); Favourite game day experience (22:20); Bo is back!! (24:10); Dylan Wynn 1-on-1 interview (35:30); Grey Cup Leo Vegas odds (53:00).

Episode 173: The countdown to Mark’s LD Weekend is on!

EPISODE OVERVIEW: Davis is joined by Milt Stegall for a special Mark’s Labour Day Weekend edition of the Waggle, plus an interview with Eskimos receiver DaVaris Daniels.

EPISODE RUNDOWN: The Rod Smith discussion (1:45); Ranking the East (4:15); Khari Jones (7:15); Ranking the West (10:30); How many games does Bo need before the playoffs? (15:00); Challenges discussion (19:00); Mark’s Labour Day Weekend (23:48); Harris suspension/breaking records (27:00); What can MIke Reilly/BC do differently? (33:00); DaVaris Daniels interview (39:00).

Episode 172: Drama in T.O. + Time for TD Atlantic 

EPISODE OVERVIEW: Andrew Harris ran right into the record books in Week 10, another starting QB goes down and why is everyone so upset?! Plus, Rick Moffat and Anthony LeBlanc jump on the pod to talk Alouettes and Touchdown Atlantic.

EPISODE RUNDOWN: Andrew Harris runs into the record books (1:30); Can teams maintain through backup QB’s? (5:00); Rick Moffat on the Alouettes (11:00); Calgary QB confusion + Dickenson vs. rules (28:00); Shawn Lemon upset at trade (34:00); James Wilder Jr. upset with his usage (35:00); Objectionable conduct (44:00); Anthony LeBlanc interview on TD Atlantic (52:00).

Episode 171: Weather delays, when to play + Jon Cornish 1-on-1

EPISODE OVERVIEW: The year of the return continues, Trevor Harris takes heat from his former squad and the guys talk Canadian culture questions. Plus, Ryan Janzen stops by to break down weather delay scenarios and Jon Cornish checks in.

EPISODE RUNDOWN: The year of the return continues (0:45); Weather delays – why they happen and what is the protocol? (7:00); Jon Cornish on his induction into the CFHOF (21:00); Dissecting the comments on Trevor Harris (42:00); What is the dumbest question you have been asked about Canada? (49:30); AB threatening to retire of a helmet? (52:00).

Episode 170: Superstitions and Special Teams + Collaros 1-on-1

EPISODE OVERVIEW: We’re talking QB’s this week, as we discuss back-ups stepping up across the league, as well as Matt Nichols and the Bombers eastern slide. Later, Marshall Ferguson joins us to talk about the Ticats with Dane Evans, and newest Argo QB Zach Collaros talks about his return to Ontario.

EPISODE RUNDOWN: Are special teams failing? (1:00); Did the Argos win or Bombers lose? (5:30); Can Trevor Harris ever beat Calgary? (9:45); Josh Johnson calling out plays in Calgary (11:20); Luck and superstition, Reilly’s beard comments (12:20); MBT tough talk (15:30); LeoVegas playoff odds (16:05); LJ McCray celebrating his hit (19:15); DJ’s ‘objectionable conduct’ (21:10); Marshall Ferguson drops in and talks QBs in the East (23:20); Zach Collaros interview (30:00).

Episode 169: Trouble in TigerTown? + Williams Stanback stops by

EPISODE OVERVIEW: With Jeremiah Masoli out for the season, are the Ticats still the team to beat in the east? And how much heat should Mike Reilly be taking for the Lion’s 1-6 record? Plus, William Stanback stops in to talk food and football in la belle province.

EPISODE RUNDOWN: What city would a rookie want to play in today? (1:00) Year of the backup/ can injury lead to job loss? (12:00); Who should the Argos start in Week 8? (18:00); Is Hamilton still the team to beat in the East? (23:00); Teeing up Riders/Ticats (28:30); How much blame should be put on Mike Reilly for Lions record? (35:00); RedBlacks decisions in Week 7 (38:00); What can the Lions do to address issues in bye week? (44:45); Ottawa/Montreal Preview (50:45); William Stanback Interview (55:00).

Episode 168: Quarterbacks sounding off

EPISODE OVERVIEW: Plenty of quarterbacks were sounding off after Week 6 losses. Were their comments kosher? The guys debate. Plus, Big Play VA, hall of fame discussions and your Week 7 preview on this episode of the Waggle.

EPISODE RUNDOWN: Is hope back in Montreal + is Vernon Adams Jr. the guy? (4:00); Why is it so hard to be a HOF running back? (15:30); Quotable QBs (19:45); Big Returns: Good or bad special teams? (31:00); Teeing up Week 7 (38:00).

Episode 167: Moving on and moving up + Andrew Harris stops by

EPISODE OVERVIEW: Kavis Reed is out in Montreal but the Alouettes are on the up and up. Have they found their guy in Vernon Adams Jr.? Plus, what’s going on in BC and how can it be fixed? Then, Andrew Harris stops by to chat with Donovan about team speed, skill and his new coaching gig.

EPISODE RUNDOWN: Kavis on the outs (3:00); Is Vernon Adams Jr. the guy in Montreal? (15:45); Dom Davis needs more time (19:30); Whats up with BC (29:00); Trevor Harris playing like MOP (35:00); WPG/TOR and Macbeth’s play (37:15); Week 6 game of the week (47:00); Andrew Harris interview (52:30).

Episode 166: Tale of the tailbacks; Lions snag bizarre first win

EPISODE OVERVIEW: The guys break down the decision making during the dramatic ending to Saturday’s game between the Lions and the Argonauts. Plus, how do the Ticats fill a Sean Thomas Erlington sized hole and why are the Bombers being so secretive? This and more on this week’s episode of the Waggle presented by Sport Clips.

EPISODE RUNDOWN: Sean Thomas Erlington injury/what now? (1:45); Stanback dominates/Luc Brodeur-Jourdain retires (18:00); Winnipeg ‘D’ dominant (25:30); Dissecting the Argos late-game decision-making (28:45); Is Tre Roberson the best DB in the League? (48:00); Revisitting the LeoVegas Grey Cup odds (55:00).

Episode 165: That’s so Hufnagel + Odell Willis 1-on-1

EPISODE OVERVIEW: Who should get credit for the Riders’ big Canada Day W? And are the Ticats in elite territory? Plus, Odell Willis stops by to chat with Davis Sanchez.

EPISODE RUNDOWN: Bombers, Esks look like contenders (2:45); are the Ticats elite? (10:00); is Fajardo the future? (15:00); what do the Argos do on D? (20:00); Arbuckle delivers (23:00); Lions trying to find their game (31:00); Odell Willis exclusive (35:45)


Episode 164: Young guns getting it done

EPISODE OVERVIEW: Dominique Davis and Cody Fajardo proved the doubters wrong in Week 2. Do the guys have to update their quarterback rankings? Plus, what’s going on with the Argos and how long will Mike Reilly take to find his groove in BC?

EPISODE RUNDOWN: Davis + Fajardo take over Week 2 (2:45); Ticats defence on fire (13:15); James Franklin’s tough ’19 debut (16:45); Why Derel Walker is the best receiver in the league (21:00); Can someone get Mike Reilly some time? (29:00).


Episode 163: Is it time to call KG?

EPISODE OVERVIEW: Meaningful football is back! The guys break down Week 1, from the run game dominance to the Riders’ QB situation. Plus, a look at what’s on tap for Week 2.

EPISODE RUNDOWN:  Week 1 takeaways (0:30); Simoni Lawrence (3:10); What now for the Riders? (14:00); Trevor Harris’ big debut (20:00); Run game dominance (24:30); Adam Bighill claps back (34:00); Week 2 preview (37:30)

Episode 162: What are the odds?: A 2019 season preview

EPISODE OVERVIEW: With the pre-season wrapped up it’s time to check the official odds for this year’s Grey Cup Champion. Who’s the favorite and who do the guys like to win it all?

EPISODE RUNDOWN:  Grey Cup odds for each team (0:40); Best game of Week 1 (8:20); Montreal coaching change (15:30); Pipking takes over the starting job (27:30); Surprising cuts as camp closes (32:45).

Episode 161: Who is the next great QB?

EPISODE OVERVIEW: Bo Levi Mitchell, Mike Reilly, Trevor Harris… all former back-up QB’s in the CFL who waited for their moment to shine. With some pre-season looks at QB’s across the league, who has the potential to be the next big time CFL quarterback?

EPISODE RUNDOWN:  REDBLACKS Are Dom. Davis’ team (0:00); Dane Evans the insurance plan (4:30); The value of the backup pivot (8:00); RJ Sheldon injury (13:12); ‘Chez’s Oregon injury (15:40); Shamawd’s release (19:00); Argos embrace Raps success (24:00); Duron  tweets, takes shots at Bo (28:15); Bombers/Esks pre-season (37:30); Als/Argos pre-season (41:50).


Episode 160: Go west, young man

EPISODE OVERVIEW:On this week’s episode Donnovan and Davis focus on the West Division and how pre-season injuries could have a huge impact on early storylines in the season.

EPISODE RUNDOWN: BC and Edmonton’s approach to the pre-season opener (2:20); pre-season injuries could have lasting effects (21:30); how does the West shake out this year? (34:30); who has the better offence on paper, Winnipeg or Edmonton? (45:00); Will Mike Reilly be an MOP in BC? (47:00).

Episode 159: The position battles begin

EPISODE OVERVIEW: Football is finally back! The guys break down some of the key positional battles to watch across the CFL as depth charts take shape during training camp.

EPISODE RUNDOWN: Davis and Donnovan reflect on their training camp memories (0:00); QB position battles and the advantages of naming a starter (8:20); Montreal’s quarterback situation (18:50); Hamilton’s running backs and possible ratio switch (22:00); Winnipeg’s offensive line competition (26:00); BC’s battle at running back (29:40); Calgary’s linebacker options (34:10); Trevor Harris’ comments on favouring receivers (38:00); The pressure is on in Edmonton (42:00)

Episode 158: Take a bow, Ricky Ray

EPISODE OVERVIEW: Another CFL coach departs for the XFL, Ricky Ray calls it a career on his own terms, Solomon Elimimian lands in Riderville, Winnipeg snags Chris Matthews, and Davis recounts a Raptors win for the ages.

EPISODE RUNDOWN: June Jones departs for the XFL (0:00); Ricky Ray calls it a career (7:16); What does Elimimian bring to the Riders? (17:11); Matthews touches down in Winnipeg (22:16); Davis recounts an iconic moment in sports (26:20).

Episode 157: The Draft Debrief

EPISODE OVERVIEW: Donnovan breaks down which teams won and lost in the 2019 CFL Draft while Davis has the inside scoop on the Solomon Elimimian situation in BC.

EPISODE RUNDOWN: Ranking team performances at the draft (0:00); why did the Lions release Elimimian? (34:00)

Episode 156: Draft day is here!!

EPISODE OVERVIEW:Davis is joined by resident draft guru Marshall Ferguson to officially tee up the 2019 CFL Draft set to take place on Thursday evening.

Episode 155: Way to early predictions

EPISODE OVERVIEW: Davis and Donnovan are joined by CFL.ca Managing Editor Jeff Krever to share some way too early predictions for the 2019 season.

EPISODE RUNDOWN: Predict the Pick (1:49); Which QB will lead the way in 2019? (5:30); Whose d-line will dominate in the West? (12:50); Is 2019 the final season for a certain superstar? (23:27); Which receiver gather the most majors? (29:40).

Episode 154: RNation’s Redemption

EPISODE OVERVIEW: The Ottawa REDBLACKS rebounded from losing Jamie Elizondo by welcoming back former Renegades head coach Joe Paopao. Donnovan and Davis assess the hire, as well as look ahead to the upcoming CFL Draft and who holds all the cards.

EPISODE RUNDOWN: Tiger Mania (0:35); Ottawa’s hiring of Joe Paopao (11:00); Predict the Pick/Draft strategy chat (29:00); Scouting Bureau (35:00); Who holds the cards on Draft day? (47:30); Toronto tailgaiting (53:45).


Episode 153: What’s in a number?

EPISODE OVERVIEW: Ray Elgaard wants his number back, the end of the AAF, and Jon Ryan looks to make a homecoming. All that and more on this week’s edition of The Waggle.

EPISODE RUNDOWN: Ray Elgaard’s comments on claiming ownership on jersey numbers (2:24); Reaction to the AAF folding last week (11:51); The John Manziel saga continues (25:50); Jon Ryan wants to be a Rider (38:10).


Episode 152: Life after Elizondo

EPISODE OVERVIEW: With the news that former offensive coordinator Jaime Elizondo suddenly left the REDBLACKS for a role south of the border, Donnovan and Davis debate the timing and etiquette of the move, as well as where Ottawa goes from here. Later, we rank our top prospects at different positions based on Combine performances.

EPISODE RUNDOWN: Elizondo quits on REDBLACKS (1:11); Etiquette on letting team know about discussions (6:00); Timing of locking down coaching staff (14:30); Etiquette on Trestman poaching a CFL coach (18:30); Where to REDBLACKS go from here? (26:30); Top 5 receivers from Combine (32:00) Clarification on QB slide/dive ruling (50:30) Ranking defensive linemen (54:00).



Episode 151: Pass-catchers steal the Combine show

EPISODE OVERVIEW: Davis and Donnovan break down the top performers, and no-shows, from the 2019 CFL Combine presented by New Era. This week, they dive especially into a deep pool of talented Canadian receivers.

EPISODE RUNDOWN: Draft board risers (2:55); Osei-Kusi vs Gittens Jr.: who is the top guy? (12:00); Canadian O’Connor refuses to test (33:00); Rules committee changes (39:30).

Episode 150: Combine preview; Never too early to mock draft!

EPISODE OVERVIEW: With the CFL Combine presented by New Era kicking off this weekend, DJ & Davis take an early look at Marshall Ferguson’s mock draft and weigh in on each team’s needs heading into this weekend and, ultimately, the Draft.

EPISODE RUNDOWN: Nothing to say on CBA talks (1:52); Mock Drafting (2:45); Argos Mock (3:18); Ticats Mock (6:15); Esks Mock (9:00); Bombers Mock (14:20); Riders Mock (17:15); Ratio Depth Stragety (20:00); REDBLACKS Mock (24:45); Stamps Mock (30:10); Quick Second Round runthrough (32:35); What do Lions do with early picks? (36:40).


Episode 149: Combine season in full swing + Arielle Zerr drops by

EPISODE OVERVIEW: This week Donnovan and Davis chat regional combine results, the Russell Westbrook fan altercation, and whether or not it makes sense for a top prospect to skip a combine. Later, Donnovan speaks with Arielle Zerr, CJME beat reporter covering the Saskatchewan Roughriders.

EPISODE RUNDOWN: CB Negotiations begin (1:00); Regional Combines (4:40); Russell Westbrook and fan engagement (34:30); Arielle Zerr drops in (41:31).

Episode 148: Combine around the corner

EPISODE OVERVIEW: Davis and Donnovan analyze the aftermath of Manziel mania, and tackle some of the tough questions that players may face at the upcoming national and regional combines.

EPISODE RUNDOWN: Montreal enters the post Manziel era. Is Pipkin the answer to what’s next for the Alouettes? (0:00-24:37); With the CFL national and regional combines around the corner, Davis reflects on his experience as a CFL prospect, plus some of the stranger questions that players may face in their interviews (24:38-40:00).

Episode 147: The Manny Show

EPISODE OVERVIEW: Davis and Donnovan discuss some intriguing names still left to be signed, the effects of the AAF, and the back-to-back Grey Cup announcement by Randy Ambrosie. Plus, the guys are joined by Manny Arceneaux, a man on a mission with a rematch against his former team in his sights.

EPISODE RUNDOWN: Duron Carter drops new track (1:05); The AAF effect, Ciantae Evans, Stefan Charles (1:52); Remaining players to be signed (13:25); Should playoffs be moved to Saturdays? (17:30); Next three Grey Cup locations (29:07); Manny Arceneaux (33:20); Outro 52:57

Extra: An extended chat with three generations of blacks QBs

EPISODE OVERVIEW: In honour of Black History Month, Donnovan sat down with 3 generations of black quarterbacks – Chuck Ealey, Damon Allen and Tre Ford.

Episode 146: Who won Free Agency?

EPISODE OVERVIEW: Donnovan and Davis are on opposite sides of the country this week, breaking down all the wild moves from free agency and taking a larger look at the remaining holes on every team’s roster.

EPISODE RUNDOWN: Toronto’s Day 2 FA deals (1:45); QB questions and Ottawa’s free agency approach (11:40); Calgary refuses to over-spend (23:00); The free agents still available (30:30); Impact of the AAF (44:30); Edmonton linebackers (55:24); Solomon and the BC linebackers (57:40).

Extra: Talking CFL 2.0 with Randy Ambrosie

EPISODE OVERVIEW: Donnovan sits down with Commissioner Randy Ambrosie to get all the details behind the global football initiative that he calls CFL 2.0.

Episode 145: We have ourselves a Free Agent Frenzy

EPISODE OVERVIEW: Donnovan and Davis break down the huge moves across the league following the start of CFL Free Agency. From Reilly to BC, Edmonton loading up and the Bombers landing Willie, the west is wilder than ever before.


Episode 144: Free Agency Preview Part 2 (East Division)

EPISODE OVERVIEW: We’ve moved east, talking free agency implications for all of the teams in the East Division. Who will be major players? Who’s on the move? We’ve got Milt Stegall back to talk about all of it with us as we get you primed for CFL free agency!

EPISODE RUNDOWN: Tiger-Cats FA Primer (2:00); Argonauts FA Primer (15:15); REDBLACKS FA Primer (19:26); Alouettes FA Primer (27:00).

Episode 143: Free Agency Preview Part 1 (West Division)

EPISODE OVERVIEW: With a potentially crazy free agency period kicking off next week, we invite Milt Stegall to join us as we go through each of the West Division teams to discuss who’s staying, who’s going and who’s due for a big pay day.

EPISODE RUNDOWN: Lions FA Primer (4:20); Stampeders FA Primer (13:50); Eskimos FA Primer (19:18); Roughriders FA Primer (25:34); Blue Bombers FA Primer (32:54).

Episode 142: Debating the QB landscape + O’Day drops in

EPISODE OVERVIEW:With free agency looming, Davis and Donnovan look at some of the top available pending FA’s, including some big name quarterbacks. Later, newly-minted Riders GM Jeremy O’Day stops by to talk about his whirlwind week.

EPISODE RUNDOWN: Sherritt bound for Cowtown (5:30); The guys who have signed (9:00); Ranking Reilly, Bo, Trevor (11:15); Evaluating the top 30 free agents (14:45); More free agent QB banter (17:30); Top Super Bowl recipe searches (31:45); Mental health awareness in football (37:00); Sitdown with Jeremy O’Day (42:30).


Episode 141: Allow us to re-introduce ourselves

EPISODE OVERVIEW: New co-host Donnovan Bennett and Davis tackle how the differing replay rules impact football on both sides of the border, take a deep dive on the Riders’ coaching search and candidates they weren’t granted access to. Later on, TSN’s Insider Dave Naylor stops by to talk about what has been a busy off-season for him, addressing the CFL in Atlantic Canada, the LFA Mexican Combine and the latest news and rumours ahead of free agency.

EPISODE RUNDOWN: Introducing Donnovan Bennett (0:30); NFC Championship PI chatter (7:30); How many challenges is too many? (16:22); More on Chris Jones’ departure (20:30); Where do the Riders go from here? (27:00); Special teams coaches should be head coach candidates (33:00); Is Jerry Glanville truly a head coaching candidate? (38:50); Dave Naylor interview (43:00); Naylor on Jones (43:45); Naylor on LaPolice/Elizondo Denials (45:50); TD Atlantic Stadium debate (1:03:10); Reax from the LFA Combine w/ Naylor (1:06:30); Davis and Donnovan debate if coaches should be blocked from interviews (1:12:00).


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