May 18, 2007

Number Five, Live!

( wire) — With the ink barely dry on his initial pro contract with the Calgary Stampeders, the fifth overall pick in the 2007 CFL Canadian Draft Justin Phillips joined on Thursday for an online chat. Read the transcript below.

alex18 says: Hi Justin !!! congrats on becoming the fifth overall pick. How does it feel to be the highest Golden Hawk to be selected on draft day since 1970 ?

Justin Phillips says: It’s an honour and a privilege to be taken so high in the draft. It speaks volumes about our program at Wilfrid Laurier.

alex18 says: How do you think the transition to the CFL will be ? So as a rookie what role do you expect to play on the Stampeders defence ?

Justin Phillips says: It will be a challenge to go against more elite athletes, but I embrace the challenge whatever role they ask me, whether it be on special teams or on defence.

alex18 says: Could you compare your playing style to another player in the CFL or NFL?

Justin Phillips says: I’ve got a lot of comparisons to my new teammate Scott Coe. I’ve also been compared to 3-4 rush linebackers in the NFL like Shawne Merriman or DeMarcus Ware.

alex18 says: What are your primary goals entering next year?

Justin Phillips says: My first goal is to make the team, then contribute whatever they ask, then hopefully become a starter as the season progresses.

Gutch says: Phillips!!! It’s Gutch…good to see you on here!

Justin Phillips says: I’m glad you checked it out!

alex18 says: Is there a certain player(s) on Stamps roster who you are excited to play with?

Justin Phillips says: I’m excited to meet everyone, and for the entire experience.

Gutch says: Phillips…how are your new teammates treating you as a rookie so far?

Justin Phillips says: I’ll find out June 3rd!

italia2 says: you were a high cfl pick, who was your agent, nd did you recieve any type of signing bonus?

Justin Phillips says: My agent is Darren Gill. I received my signing bonus today.

alex18 says: What team in the CFL are you excited to go against ?

Justin Phillips says: Toronto and Hamilton so my family can come watch. I’m also excited to go against Saskatchewan to go against two of my Laurier teammates Jesse Alexander and Yannick Carter.

carm says: so what you think of the cfl

Justin Phillips says: I’ve been a fan my entire life, so being a part of it is something special.

alex18 says: What’s your pre-camp workout routine like?

Justin Phillips says: Weight lifting in the morning, in the afternoon I do my flexibility, running and core workout.

italia2 says: do you have the option of returning to Laurier next season?

Justin Phillips says: I have the option to return for two more seasons. Academically it doesn’t make any sense and I believe I’m ready for the CFL right now.

jpfan says: Hey Justin! Do you know what your football number will be with the Calgary Stampeders?

Justin Phillips says: I requested No. 44 and it was approved yesterday.

FenixTKO says: How can I be as jacked as you? I heard you were a pinner in High School… is that true?

Justin Phillips says: Yes it is true. And you can get jacked by going to the gym and working hard. Ha ha.

alex18 says: Who was your favourite football player when you were growing up and who is your favourite now ?

Justin Phillips says: I like watching Brian Bosworth when he played for Oklahoma. In the CFL I liked watching Pinball Clemons and Doug Flutie with the Argonauts.

alex18 says: How does the pro and CIS playbook compare?

Justin Phillips says: I only have a portion of a pro playbook, but I hear it’s pretty big.

Justin Phillips says: I’m still waiting for a full one.

wspidel says: whois going to be in the grey cup and good luck to you

Justin Phillips says: Us and Montreal.

jpfan says: Who would you say has been the most influencial and supportive person(s) helping you pursue your dream of a football career?

Justin Phillips says: I’ve been blessed with a great family and coaches along the way, all of which have been influential.

wspidel says: what about bishop signed today with argo`s through 2009, who do you think will start Damon or bishop

Justin Phillips says: They are both great competitors and whoever will start will do a great job.

alex18 says: Are you more a cover Linebacker or a run stopper ?

Justin Phillips says: In my career I have played cover and inside linebacker, as well as rush the passer. I will be primarily used as a run stopper and pass rusher for Calgary.

alex18 says: How is your mom and dad handling this?

Justin Phillips says: They’re very excited to watch me play at the next level, but at the same time I’m sure they are probably sad I am moving out West.

pcik45 says: what have you been doing to get ready for training camp?

Justin Phillips says: Weight training in the morning, in the afternoons flexibility, core and running.

FenixTKO says: If you were not playing in the cfl, what other career would you have?

Justin Phillips says: I’d still like to be involved in the sport somehow, like coaching.

cgystamps#1 says: who u think are the best 3 linebackers in the cfl right now

Justin Phillips says: Mike O’Shea, John Grace and Kevin Eiben are three that come to mind. And all the Calgary linebackers.

cgystamps#1 says: what team did u wanna get picked by in the draft the most

Justin Phillips says: I actually wanted to be drafted by Calgary. Ever since the E-Camp I’ve had great relations with the coaching staff.

jpfan says: Are you nervous about moving to Calgary, and do you know what to expect once you begin practicing/training with the team?

Justin Phillips says: I’m not really nervous yet, but I’m sure as the day approaches I will get more nervous. I don’t know what to expect at all, I’m just going in with an open mind.

alex18 says: You have great mesureables (6’3, 236 pounds) what is your forty dash time ?

Justin Phillips says: At the Laurier spring camp I ran a 4.67.

HAREBARE says: any aspirations to be in the NFL?

Justin Phillips says: Absolutely. That would be great if it happens at some point in time. But my primary focus is on Calgary.

jpfan says: Is there any QB controversy heading into camp this year?

Justin Phillips says: The best quarterback will play.

alex18 says: What running back scare you the most ? ha ha

Justin Phillips says: Joffrey Reynolds, but lucky for me he’s on my team.

cgystamps#1 says: can u guys beat the bombers both times this year so i have bragging rite in my city the peg to all my friends

Justin Phillips says: We’ll try our best to.

wspidel says: justin does calgary have a good enough back up qb in the cfl you need it, why not greene who is avaibable, he was with mtl last yr

Justin Phillips says: We signed some quarterbacks this off-season. I’m sure they will compete and contribute to the team.

cgystamps#1 says: r u gonna have a td dance in case u get a td this year like the recivers do

Justin Phillips says: I have some sack celebrations prepared. I’ll have to think of something special if I score a TD.

Justin Phillips says: Thanks to everyone for coming in here and showing interest!