January 25, 2010

Buono helps keep fans in the stands

Greg Douglas
Vancouver Sun

VANCOUVER — Archie Woodworth, a justifiably proud linebacker with the West Vancouver Highlanders from another era, has been a B.C. Lions season ticket holder since Joe Kapp was misguiding the Leos as general manager and Doug Flutie was making his CFL debut.

At approximately this time last year, Woodworth was getting a little concerned about some roster moves being made by Wally Buono and when Lions’ account manager Carola Bausch phoned him to confirm his renewal, Woodworth balked.

“The next thing I know, a couple of days later Wally Buono is calling me and we wind up talking football for 20 minutes. He listened to my concerns and told me why he was doing certain things. I was blown away,” Woodworth says. “Did I renew? Absolutely.”

Back at his desk in Surrey early Friday morning after a 19-hour day Thursday that was highlighted with his Olympic torch run in Kicking Horse Pass, Buono was more than willing to explain why the Archie Woodworths of Wally’s world hear from him.

“I like to think Bob Ackles had an impact because that’s how he did things,” the busy GM and head coach says. “I can’t call 100 people a day but when somebody as real as Archie wants to talk, I’m going to be there. It makes him feel good and it makes me feel good. He tells his friends that the B.C. Lions do care and the message spreads.”

Courtesy: www.vancouversun.com