June 28, 2012

Cohon: Welcome to a very special CFL season!

The road to the 100th Grey Cup starts this weekend with our opening games, high hopes in every CFL city, and absolutely tremendous story lines: Henry Burris’ Ticat debut, the Riders versus Fantuz, Ricky Ray returns to Edmonton, a Grey Cup rematch that features a record watch for Geroy Simon, and the ultimate vet (AC) squaring off against a relatively new kid on the block (Drew Tate), to name just some of them.

I know you are as excited about 2012 as we are. The 100th Grey Cup is a great opportunity for the CFL to build our league and grow our business, by attracting new fans and followers. Just as importantly, it’s a once-in-a-lifetime chance for all of us to share something uniquely Canadian and truly inspiring.

As we celebrate the 100th Grey Cup this year in a multitude of ways, we will pay homage to our great game and the men who have played it. But we’ll also be celebrating our country, and the Grey Cup’s cherished place in the culture of Canada, and the hearts and minds of our fellow Canadians.

And we’re going to have a blast doing it!

I hope you enjoy every minute of this season. And I thank you for your passion and support. It  makes everything we do this year, and every year, possible.

Mark Cohon
Canadian Football League