October 10, 2012

CFL.ca Online Water Cooler: Week 15

CFL.ca Staff

TORONTO — Each week of the 2012 season CFL.ca brings you the best of your comments from around the web in our Online Water Cooler.


Last week we asked you what you’re thankful for with the hashtag #CFLthanks, and this weekend’s Thanksgiving matchups delivered with plenty of big surprises. Winnipeg pulled a possible upset of the year on Thanksgiving Monday in Montreal, as Joey Elliott had a career game in leading the Bombers to their fourth win of the season. Meanwhile, Saskatchewan came away with a dominant win on the road against the Argos.

The Esks also turned heads on Friday Night Football with a massive home win over the Ticats, in which Kerry Joseph celebrated his 39th birthday with his first win since he played for the Argos, and Fred Stamps went over 200 yards receiving.

But the game that turned the most heads was on Saturday, for a marquee matchup between the Stamps and Lions. While first place in the West was on the line, the key matchup everyone looked forward to was the battle between two premier running backs, both of which are Canadian-born.

Andrew Harris and Jon Cornish were the talk of the league going into the weekend, and we asked you who would take the edge in the rushing duel. Here’s what you had to say about these great runners clashing in a key late-season divisional game:

Dale L Plett I’m a Stamps fan..but I gotta side with Pegger Andrew 33 Harris!!!!!!

Jason Howden This is a huge must win game for calgary they are gonna be firing on all cylanders… Cornish will break 100 yards again

Maureen Sullivan Cornish plays better when there’s a Full Moon; the Cornish Corn dog!!!

@JennAnnis Andrew Harris and Jon Cornish are playing a fantastic game of “Anything you can do, I can do better” #CFL

Ricky James Cornish is def Gina rip it up go stamps go

Carlene Harris Sorry I have to say my Son!!Good Luck to both teams!!

Roger Gareau Harris will crush the cornish hen, Lions will crush the stumps….

Jeremy Keys Two completely different backs. Harris has benefited from a potent offence that can be spread out. We’ll see what happens tonight with the big two out. Calgary’s receivers are only beginning to find their groove which will only help out Jon.

Rodney Porter Two awesome Canadian running backs who play very different games. Go Lions Go!

Graham Hart Harris is a class act! Cornish not so much. both are very talented but id take Harris in a blink.. GO LIONS!!!

Isiah Desnomie Corn man plays this game himself. rider fan cheerin for calgary in this one

Bill Lebherz what’s the over-under on number of Cornish cheeks seen tonight?

When the final whistle was blown, Harris got the edge in the form of a win as well as a higher rushing total. The Lions running back had 125 yards from scrimmage, compared to Cornish’s 93 yards from scrimmage. The two backs will meet again for a third time this season though, as they clash in Calgary in Week 18 for Round 3. That could be a game that decides the West Division title, and you can be sure the two star running backs will have plenty of say in the final outcome as the battle heads outdoors into the Calgary cold.



@JennAnnis Wow. I know it’s late in the East but this is one barnburner of a #CFL game. #Esks #Ticats

@darrylh78 Just when I think the season is lost and there’s no point watching my #S’moes they beat down the #ticats and pull me back in. #CFL #esks

@newfiehun I just had an ugly flashback on that Burris fumble. #Frank #TiCats #Esks #Esks #CFL

Alex Ddp The Esks all the way. They deserve a win. I want to see a couple of touchdowns by no 2 Fred Stamps.

David Ballard Eskimos win to solidify the crossover into the eastern division and go to the Grey Cup and play the Stampeders. A battle of the QEII on the QEW.

T-Sizzle Hauer Riders are going DOWN to the ESKIES next week……Book it!!!!! GO ESKIES!!!

Lena Fernandes KJ is our man now…..go get them in the next four games…then the playoffs…then Earl Grey…..Good Luck team Esks.


@annschmaltz Do I dare say Geroy and Arland who? That first drive looked impressive. Kids stepping up. #BCLions lead #Stamps by 4. #CFL

@JoelJohnson_ Coverage is terrible tonight. Looks like they can’t read the play, and the #Lions are picking them apart #Stamps

@RayRay2233 Ouch. Rough break on the Andrew Harris fumble. Good start for the #Stamps this 2nd half. Time to respond #Lions #Feast4First

@thomcal Real treat watching Jon Cornish and Andrew Harris – great Canadian football talents. #CFL #Stamps #BCLions

@TexasRyder Dear Farhan, One wouldn’t expect an O-Lineman to “cry”….seriously…this is football…-Football Fans Everywhere #cfl #BCLions #Stamps

@BCLIONS_54 The lady in front of us just offered us voice lessons. They were turned down. We are about volume not tune. #Stopthrun #BCLions #Stamps

Dan Gilmour No Khalif Mitchell, no Arland Bruce, no Geroy Simon….Just proves that our BC Lions have great depth! Big win!

Kim Pike Nick Moore was impressive replacing Simon and Harris came through again in the second half..lions r going to T.O. to defend their title!!!


@Spitzka Hey wait, we’re suppose to cheer on the #Bombers! Let’s go you Blue Bombers from the North. Ugh I feel dirty. #unclean #CFL #Alouettes

@CFLNumber1Fan Making cabbage rolls and turkey soup during this first game. #Bombers playing better than anticipated!! #CFL #Alouette

Chris Loveridge Surprise surprise. I thought AC and his boys where going to destroy the Bombers. Good thing I didn’t bet on this one.

Francis Choo Joey elliott, way to sick! Playoffs in sight! Lego Blue Bombers

@jeffmadams Definition of #Thanksgiving in Canada today. The #Alouettes giving a win to the #Bombers. #CFL

Sid Priddle I am an Als’ fan but they just don’t demonstrate that they are a first place team–even if they make the Grey Cup, BC is unbeatable.

Kelly Burke Eastern Conference plays a classy, sportsmanl- like, respectable game. Interception of the season Winnipeg! Way to win!

Joe Iannotta can you feel the swag in the air tonight !!! way to go bombers !!! Readem and weep !!!


Lorretta Levesque Green is the colour today and everyday!! Go riders from Ontario!!!woot woot gonna be a good game!!!

Ryan Kemp Was there a run on watermellons in TO?

@KLeif18 Owens has got his buttery mitts on today. I like it. #Argos #Riders

@NickMurphy123 Can somebody let the Argos know that taking penalties after every play is not what your supposed to do. #ArgosLive #Argos #CFL #Riders

@JasonBandura #Argos’ red zone defense is keeping this game way too close. Let’s go #Riders!

@Troy_Gillard Kudos to the #Riders for making plays but good
lord the #Argos are really embarassing themselves. #awful #CFL

Craig Bernier Who would of thought coming into this week that the Bombers would be the only team in the East to win. Happy the Riders won it keeps my Alouettes in first place. Huge game next week Alouettes and Argos.

@BCprairiegirl Sure seemed like there were more #Riders fans in the Argodome than #Argos fans today #CFL

@brilzy4 The argos were the turkeys on this thanksgiving monday just got carved up #RogersCentre #Argos #riders #thanksgivingclassic