July 8, 2014

Dunk: Top 10 prospects to watch for in 2015 Draft

Adam Gagnon

Around and around the draft cycle goes. Just as the 2014 Draft Class has started introducing themselves to the CFL world with their on-field efforts, in comes another group of athletes, who will shortly be placed firmly under the microscope of scouts and fans alike.

CFL personnel men were in London, Ontario from May 5-10 for the 12th annual Canadian Interuniversity Sport East West Bowl. It’s an event that brings the top football talent from coast to coast together to one location, allowing professional scouts to get their first look at some of the best prospects eligible for the 2015 CFL Draft.

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» 1st Overall Pick – Pierre Lavertu
» 2nd Overall Pick – Matthias Goossen
» 3rd Overall Pick – Anthony Coombs
» 4th Overall Pick – Antoine Pruneau
» 5th Overall Pick – David Foucault
» 6th Overall Pick – Devon Bailey
» 7th Overall Pick – Quinn Smith
» 8th Overall Pick – Beau Landry
» 9th Overall Pick – Evan Gill
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Heavy on scouts input, yours truly presents the Top 10 list of CIS players to watch as the 2014 university football season unfolds, as always with an eye towards the 2015 CFL Draft.

Top 10

1) Daryl Waud, DL, Western, 6’4”, 291 pounds

Scouts take: “He was unblockable at the East West Bowl. He’s big and physical, a perfect interior defensive lineman in the CFL.”

“Big body, plugs up the holes and gets after the quarterback. Overpowers guards and centres. He does a good job of being a disruptive force on the defensive line.”

“He could be really good in the CFL. He’s just so big and athletic. You could see him potentially getting an NFL look down the road.”

“He needs to get a little bit better against the run. No one could block him in the 1-on-1s at East West.”

“He’s made a bunch of plays as a tight end for Western. He’s just a phenomenal athlete. He probably could be an all-star guard if he wanted to be.”

“I’m kind of surprised – I heard there was interest – he didn’t get an NCAA Division I scholarship.”

“He is a high-level box lacrosse player. This is his first off-season I’ve heard that he’s not playing lacrosse. It’s hindered his weight training and football development, but it’s helped him in some areas. You see how lacrosse has helped him in just how well and smooth he moves. You just don’t see guys as big as him that are as athletic as he is.”

2) Nick Demski, REC, Manitoba, 5’11”, 208 pounds

Scouts take: “He’s just smooth. He’s one of those players that doesn’t look like he’s moving that fast then runs right by you.”

“He has a great attitude, great football ability and great breakaway speed. He’s one of those kids that you give him the ball and he can create yards. The best thing about him is his attitude towards football.”

“He just needs to continue to get a little faster. He’s close to being fast enough, but he could get even faster. He needs to improve his route running. He has good hands.”

“He’s a pretty special player and does a little bit of everything. He’s kind of like an Andre Durie. He was a running back before and is much further along as a receiver than Anthony Coombs at the same point in their development. He’s very good after the catch. He has a lot of natural ball skills, playmaking ability and feel for the game. He’s just an all around athlete.”

“Most pro ready receiver we’ve seen at the East West Bowl in a while. Smooth, athletic, makes plays. Look for big things from him in the 2014 CIS season.”

“Scouts are salivating over him.”

3) Danny Groulx, OL, Laval, 6’6”, 335 pounds

Scouts take: “He’s really good, big and physical. I like him a lot. He plays tackle at Laval, he played some guard at East West. He plays with a real mean streak and he’s a big mauler.”

“He comes from a long line of offensive linemen from Laval.”

“Potential tackle in the CFL. Big athletic offensive linemen like him do not come around that often.”

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4) Brandon Tennant, DL, Laval, 6’2”, 309 pounds

Scouts take: “He’s a big athletic kid – disruptive type. He’s very quick. He’s going to be a pretty good interior defensive lineman in the CFL.”

“He makes a lot of plays. He’s very quick. He needs to improve on his strength and athleticism.”

“Dominant inside during the week of practice at the East West Bowl. High energy player.”

5) Sukh Chungh, OL, Calgary, 6’2”, 288 pounds

Scouts take: “Big, tough kid – just like a big bear. He’s very physical and strong.”

“He’s got the perfect guard body. Chungh’s been very well coached by Steve Buratto out there at the University of Calgary.”

“You would like to see him improve his athleticism. He’s a brawler, mauler type lineman. It’s not always pretty but he gets the job done. He plays with an edge to him.”

“He wants to be a physical force and hit people.”

6) Addison Richards, REC, Regina, 6’4”, 202 pounds
Scouts take: “He’s just a physical specimen: big, tall and fast.”

“You cannot teach size, but you can teach everything else. He catches the ball away from his frame. He ran 4.65 seconds in the 40 – fast for his size.”

“He opened a lot of eyes at the East West Bowl.”

“He needs to get bigger, tougher and stronger. He can very easily become the next Jason Clermont, just the way he plays. He’s a faster version of Clermont. I don’t think he’s as physical as Clermont was, I think he could be a little more physical for his size.”

“Raw player with great physical attributes. He needs to work with a receiver coach and really fine tune his route running and awareness on the field.”

7) Sean McEwen, OL, Calgary, 6’2”, 297 pounds
Scouts take: “Technically sound and has been well coached.”

“He’s going to be an inside player. He has the ability to play guard or centre – just a road grader.”

“He tested and was a lot more athletic than I thought he was going to be. I think he’s more of a centre prospect.”

8) Karl Lavoie, OL, Laval, 6’3”, 283 pounds

Scouts take: “He needs to get a little more muscular and stronger. He’s got great feet. I think Lavoie has a lot of upside.”

“Great body type for an interior player. He has good feet, is strong and moves people.”

“He played centre all week at the East West Bowl and I think that position fits him the best for the pro game. He has some similarities to Greg Wojt. He just has to get a little bit bigger and continue to get stronger.”

9) Chris Ackie, DB/LB, Laurier, 6’0”, 215 pounds

Scouts take: “I think he’s a linebacker in the CFL, but he’s a good football player. He’s got a future as a prototypical weakside linebacker in the CFL.”

“He’s a beast – physically looked impressive. He would be the best CIS linebacker prospect right now even though he is listed as a DB. Phenomenal athlete who put up strong testing numbers at the East West Bowl.”

“He’s playing out of position at Laurier, but he’s big, physical, athletic and a strong kid. In the CFL he’s going to be a weakside linebacker.”

10) David Beard, OL, Alberta, 6’5”, 273 pounds

Scouts take: “Surprisingly athletic, he moves his feet very well, but he needs to put on more muscle mass. He did himself a favour with his East West performance.”

“To me he was the offensive lineman that jumped out the most at the East West Bowl. He’s got very good length an is a good athlete.”

“He’s a newly converted offensive lineman from being on the defensive line. He needs to get some more weight on his frame, continue to get stronger, but I would imagine a lot of teams were excited about him.”

“He’s still a little bit of a developmental kid, but there is a high upside with him. If he has a solid year he will rise up the rankings.”

Just on the outside

Jonathan Langa, LB, Saint Mary’s, 5’9”, 214 pounds

Tevaughn Campbell, DB, Regina, 5’11”, 183 pounds

Jake Harty, REC, Calgary, 6’1”, 207 pounds