August 29, 2014

Outlaw: Stamps unveil CFL Signature Uniform Staff

Call it the back to the future.

When the doors opened at the Stamps Store on Friday morning, fans were treated to their first look at Calgary’s Signature Uniform jersey — dubbed “The Outlaw” — that will be worn for the first time at Monday’s Labour Day Classic. What they saw was a jersey that was in line with the alternate jersey that was unveiled by the Stamps 20 years ago at the 1994 Labour Day Classic, with a modern twist.

The jersey maintains the Stamps tradition of wearing black on Labour Day and sports the now-familiar crossed pistols on the shoulder. New additions include a Western-inspired distinct number font and the Latin slogan Quidquid Requiritur — Whatever It Takes — on the inside of the collar.

The jersey will be matched with the previously unveiled two-tone helmet with a chrome horse logo and black pants with a red stripe that features the word “Calgary.”