Joe Montana Almost An Argo? John Candy Almost Made It Happen!

The true story revealed by Daniel Brown of the San Jose Mercury News…

Just when you thought you’ve heard it all, a report from the San Jose Mercury  News reveals an attempt back in the early 1990s to bring heralded QB Joe Montana to the CFL.

A quote from the article reads:

Montana has joked about Candy’s recruiting pitch over the years. In November, speaking at Silicon Valley Chamber of Commerce event in San Jose, the eight-time Pro Bowl selection said that’s how he was able to spot the actor so easily: “Now, I’d met John Candy already because, a number of years before that, my contract was up and … he was trying to get me to come to Canada.”


To read the full story and hear just how close Montana was to becoming a QB for the Toronto Argonauts, CLICK HERE.