The Top CFL Trolls Of All Time


At some point your team has felt the wrath…

Last week the Ticats made the Riders pay for their billboard after they put up a 50 burger on them.  Which got us thinking… is that in the pantheon of All-Time CFL Trolls and Chirps? (yes).  What what else would be on an All-Time list?

Here is our list…

The Watermelon Smash – Calgary + Hamilton

This is a staple of CFL trolling.  Playing the Riders this week? Time to give a watermelon a smashy smashy. Calgary gave Jerome Messam his initiation when they traded for him in 2015 & The Ticats have done this before and we bet it wont be the last time…

The BC Lions Kittens Come To Winnipeg

One of the “cuter” chirps on the list, the Winnipeg Blue Bombers did a video showing the Lions “arriving” at their stadium. This one gets extra points because it was in partnership with a local animal shelter. Trolling for a good cause!

The ole’ Simpsons Burn – BC Lions

The kittens troll may have been warranted though, the day before the above the Lions sent the Bombers a classic moment from the Simpsons…

The Ticats-Car Goes Double Blue

This is definitely #1 on the creative scale! There once was a Ticats car… but their owner was selling it and that’s where the Argos swooped in and bought it. They then did what any reasonable Argos fan would do to such a car… painted it all Blue!  Fans paid to paint the car and all the money went to charity… another example of how trolls can also do some good!

_ATG0558 copy

The Battle of Ontario Goes Pokemon!

Anytime you make a video JUST to chirp your top rival, that’s A+++!  The Ticats took down the Argos with this Pokemon rendition.  This was even before PokemonGo was popular so thumbs up to the Ticats to being ahead of the trends!

The Crying Jordan

As we mentioned above, the Ticats really nailed this one. Who doesn’t love the crying Jordan, especially when used so perfectly…

Eskmios Fans Hand Out Participation ribbons

As we all know the Edmonton Eskimos got the better of the REDBLACKS in the 2015 Grey Cup… so naturally, when you play that team the next time your fans make participation ribbons to hand out!

Back-To-Back Grey Cup Participants Ribbon

We think we know where Eskimo fans got the participation ribbon idea from…The Argos in 2014. After the Ticats lost their second Grey Cup in two years the Argos were prepared to kick their rivals when they were down, sending them a simple tweet of “Sup?” with an image attached.. the tweet below speaks for itself…

That completes our list of the pantheon of CFL Trolls! Did we miss any? Troll us @CFL and let us know!