December 7, 2016

Report: Sunderland out of the Als’ GM mix?

TORONTO — As the search for the Montreal Alouettes next GM continues, so too does the speculation surrounding it.

According to reports by both TSN’s Gary Lawless and the Montreal Gazette’s Herb Zurkowsky one of the rumoured lead candidates for the position, Brock Sunderland, is a lead candidate no more.


Sunderland has spent the last three seasons as the Assistant General Manager for the Ottawa REDBLACKS.  Sunderland was one of the club’s first football hires as he helped spearhead the personnel decisions under Marcel Desjardins from the REDBLACKS’ inception.

James Hajjar

According to Lawless, Sunderland isn’t the only presumed lead candidate that is still on the outside looking in to the GM search, as he reports that talks between the Alouettes and Danny Maciocia have been far from extensive.


Montreal parted ways with the only GM the modern-era Alouettes knew when the Jim Popp era ended in November. Popp spent over two decades with the team after originally joining the Baltimore Stallions in 1994, who later moved to Montreal to become the Alouettes.