The Riders may want to bring this WNBA 1st Overall to Mini-Camp

They had five quarterbacks at their mini-camp this week, but a viral QB video had some of the Saskatchewan Roughriders talking about adding one more to the fold on Thursday morning.Washington State basketball phenom Kelsey Plum, who was also the first-overall pick in
this year’s WNBA draft, showed that her passing range extends beyond the 94-feet of court that she’s known for.

Chosen by the San Antonio Stars on April 13, Plum was a guest of the Spurs when they hosted the Memphis Grizzlies on Tuesday. When the time-honoured basketball tradition of firing t-shirts out into the crowd came along, Plum decided to be the cannon. She hurled a t-shirt to the upper reaches of the lower bowl, giving one fan a gift and the sports-viewing world a 30-second slo-mo clip to devour.

Kevin Glenn looked at the clip and had one response.

“Somebody put her on a neg list yet?” he asked. “That’s pretty damned good.”

What impressed Glenn and many of the Riders staff who would know what goes into
good QB work, was her technique.

“She’s got really good form. She does a good job,” Glenn said.

“Great form. We need to sign her and bring her to camp,” said Riders offensive
co-ordinator Steve McAdoo.

Riders QB coach Jarious Jackson scrolled back on the short video over and over,
breaking down the film.

“She still ended up tucking her elbow, great follow through right there. Great follow
through in the sense of how she comes over with her index finger and her thumb. You can see the flick of the wrist at the top of it,” he said.“She over-strides a little bit, and I don’t like the fact that she clicked her feet together.But then, she over-strided but she closed the distance by dragging that back foot.Everything else was fine. Everything else was great as far as her form of throwing right there. That’s the reason it traveled the way that it did.”

QB Bryan Bennett, who signed with the Riders in November of last year, didn’t need
any introductions to Kelsey Plum.

“I know her,” the 25-year-old said. “Her sister was at Oregon.”

Bennett played for Oregon in 2011 and 2012 before transferring to Southeastern Louisiana for the final two years of his college career. Lauren Plum played volleyball
there and told Bennett about her athletic sister.

Bennett said there’s a reason why Kelsey looked like such a natural making the throw.

“Their dad (Jim Plum) was a quarterback for the (Seahawks, during the 1987 NFLstrike). Yeah. She probably learned it form him a long time ago,” he said. “That’s good form right there. Let her know I want to play catch with her.”

Jim Plum also might ring a bell to CFL fans. According to a Seattle Times story, he took part in the Montreal Alouettes training camp in 1987, after graduating from San Diego State University.