#GreyCupFitUP | Join The Team!

It started with one simple challenge between Davis Sanchez and I; get 30 minutes of exercise a day (minimum) for 100 days straight counting down to Grey Cup. So after CFL This Week that day Davis tweeted this:

And….I was FLOODED with tweets from people wanting to join! I called Davis immediately to figure out the plan, then tweeted the following:

#GreyCupFitUp was born! We want YOU to join our team of people committing to get healthier between now and Grey Cup 105 in Ottawa – and it’s super simple!

  1. Exercise for 30 minutes a day minimum
  2. Use #GreyCupFitUp to let the team know you’ve done your workout (Twitter, Instagram, Facebook) 

Here is are some FAQ’s

I’m just learning about this now, can I start anyway?  Yes you can start late! Commit today, recruit a friend and join us! #GreyCupFitUp

What counts as exercise? We know everybody has a different fitness level and we know 100 days is a long grind! We think 3o minutes of body movement – brisk walk, yoga, weight lifting, spinning, running, sports anything that get’s you moving!

I don’t use social media, should I join anyway? Yes! Join the team and we will provide updates on CFL.ca occasionally to let you know how the team is doing!

Now that you know about #GreyCupFitUp take a look at these tweets from people who have decided to join this 100 day challenge! Some inspiring messages from people around the world joining the team!







Commissioner Ambrosie getting in on the #GreyCupFitUp this weekend!


Received a LOT of tweets like this! You can share this article to help us explain the challenge and the message.

Greg knows what’s up! As we count our workouts we are counting down to Grey Cup 105. The final workout will be Grey Cup Sunday!

This weekend we got to watch this group of inspiring people coming together to cheer each other on!

Join the crew like James! Doesn’t matter if you’ve missed a few days.