The Internet Is Loving The Bombers & Als Punt-Off

Tie Game. Final Play…. Only needing a single to win…. The Bombers & Als gave us this glorious series of events.

To a CFL fan, it’s just one of those amazing things that makes the CFL what it is.

For those not familiar with the CFL rules, it’s just one of those amazing things that makes them think…

  1. What in the world is going on.
  2. This is incredible, why can’t it happen more often.
  3. This is better than a fair catch.

To explain:

Trying to break a tie, the Alouettes and Bombers get involved in a back and forth kick out where the Alouettes are trying to register a single point rouge by either pinning the Bombers in their endzone or having it go out the side or back of the endzone. Trying to prevent that (and maybe score themselves), the Bombers kick it back to the Als in hopes that one of their onside players can run, recover the punt and return it for points to win the game.  Madness ensues with no actual points scored but as Rod Black says, it definitely one of the finer moments of CFL football rules coming to life.

After it happened, football Twitter got a hold of it, including Pat McAfee of Barstool Sports who is a former NFL punter and was LOVING it.

If you’re bored, just go take a look through the replies and check out everyone trying to figure out what is happening.  It’s pure gold.

  1. Especially this one with over 4,000 RTs!