The Grind, Episode 5: ‘Getting Jacked in Jacksonville’

John Chick is a father of eight with one on the way! The Grind joins him in his backyard where he trains to stay in game shape, but also trains clients in the off-season. With eight kiddos running around The Grind gets a look at how this CFL vet makes gains while keeping up with his growing family.

‘The Grind’, which brings CFL host Brodie Lawson across Canada and the Southern U.S. to learn what it takes to get physically and mentally fit for the 2018 football season.

Lawson goes beyond the average gridiron grind, doing drills on a Florida beach, engaging in MMA-inspired sparring and hitting the gym in a fire hall in the foothills of the Appalachian Mountains. She’ll also find out how a player juggles his eight kids while still getting his reps in.

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