O’Leary: Behar TD celebrations a work in progress

You can only imagine the things that go through your mind when you score your first CFL touchdown.

As Mike Reilly (175-career touchdowns) danced around the field at BC Place on Thursday night, looking for an open man to get his team on the board, he saw a white No. 11 jersey slip open.

Reilly fired a 10-yard pass to receiver Nate Behar, who snagged the ball at the goal line and happily ran into the end zone. It was old hat for Reilly, but a milestone for Behar, now in his second season in the CFL.

We’ve probably all had a similar moment on a smaller stage at some point in our lives, whether it’s your first touchdown, a goal in hockey or soccer or a go-ahead basket late in a game. Crossing into the end zone in a stadium in front of thousands of people? That’s next level and probably takes your adrenaline to places it has never been before.

When you’re in these moments, your body sometimes moves you instead of it being the other way around.

Which is probably what happened to Behar as he rushed to get a celebration in before the moment passed.

I mean, that has to be it, right?

We weren’t the only ones to notice.

Behar was gracious with the criticism.

It’s a long season, Nate. The only way to get better at these things is with practice. Or the JBell school of dance.