Grey Cup Fit Up: It’s Fall Y’all

Does it feel like fall to you!? It seems like it because from your pictures fall has arrived across much of the country, in my opinion that’s a beautiful thing. Last week I wrote about your creativity and I must admit I was inspired! Since my last post I mixed up my workouts and healthy habits and found myself in a great routine:

But the day after this tweet (and feeling high on early morning barre class) I came down with a cold…true. I’m not going to lie it’s been frustrating. The early mornings were getting easier and time in my day set aside for the gym was becoming automatic.  I’ve walked to work a few times (it’s 50 mins so pretty legit) and have tried to take care of myself properly. However, it’s also been a good reminder in not getting competitive or carried away with workouts – something I have personally struggled with since I was a teen. #GreyCupFitUp is about healthy habits and sometimes I need a nudge to remember that – anyone else?

In checking out your posts this week I have marvelled over the beautiful fall scenes and cozy comforts. Fall tends to feel like a fresh start thanks to those nostalgic back to school vibes and you seem to be taking fall as a chance to get outside and enjoy time with your loved ones. As someone who lives in the city I love these pictures so please keep them coming! Have a great week of #GreyCupFitUp! Enjoy the fall (and winter…) weather, take care of yourselves and keep up the fantastic work!





And then there’s this puppy because…you know.