Jack of All Trades: Don Unamba, the Weatherman?

He’s one of the best SAM linebackers in the league and when he’s not joining the blitz or dropping back into coverage, Don Unamba is showing off his on-camera skills.

On Tuesday, before the team’s first practice of the week ahead of the Eastern Semi-Final against BC, Unamba joined CHCH Morning Live to fill in as a weatherman. The 29-year-old is not the first Ticat to try their hand at reading the weather this year, Courtney Stephen and Mike Daly also joined the CHCH team to tell citizens of Hamilton what to expect in the forecast.

“We spoke a little bit about the playoff game, about how the weather’s going to be for the playoff game and for this week,” Unamba told me following the Tabbies’ indoor practice in Ancaster. “I messed around with it a little bit (and with) the green screen.”

Did you like it? I asked.

“It was fun,” he said. “Something I could get used to!”

Unamba and the Ticats will be hoping for good weather on Sunday when they eye moving on to the next round of playoffs.