Grey Cup visits Flames NHL game

The Calgary Stampeders took their new hardware out for a spin at the Scotiabank Saddledome, home of the National Hockey League’s Flames, on Wednesday night.

Members of the 106th Grey Cup-winning Stamps were celebrated during an on-ice ceremony prior to puck drop between the Flames and Dallas Stars.

The Flames and Stamps are part of the same Calgary Sports & Entertainment family, and the former sent a number of positive tweets to the latter in the run-up to Sunday’s Grey Cup.

Calgary’s hockey team also ran a quick in-game poll, discovering the majority of fans believe Stamps linebacker Alex Singleton would be the best hockey player on the CFL team’s roster.

With Calgary’s NHL team currently atop the Pacific Division standings — early in the season, granted — there might just be a double-dip in store for Calgary sports fans this year.