Introducing #CFLThreads

Everybody knows professional athletes like to dress well.

Whether it be a classic suit-and-1920’s taxi driver look (hello, Mike Reilly) or a more expressive personal look (aloha, Dexter McCluster), Canadian Football League players dress to the nines.

That is why we are opening nominations for our inaugural edition of #CFLThreads, a competition which will pit the best-dressed players from around the league against each other in an effort to decide — via super-scientific voting on social media platforms — which player can claim the title of CFL’s Best-Dressed.

How will this work?

Pretty simple: Player nominations will be open until Christmas Day, followed by a five-day review process by our ultra-secretive ‘selection committee’.

Then, on Jan. 1, we will release our 16-player bracket; voting will take place throughout the month of January.

Without further ado, we can announce who our league-wide No. 1 seed is: Dexter McCluster, RB, Toronto Argonauts.

McCluster’s looks varied from week to week, but always kept us wondering what was next.

Will any of the other 15 to-be-determined players be able to knock him off in January voting?