January 22, 2019

#CFLThreads | To the Semi-Finals

The quarter-finals results are in, and the quest for the CFL’s best-dressed player is now down to four options.

No. 1 Dexter McCluster over No. 11 Ricky Collins Jr. (54.6%)

No. 10 Frank Beltre over No. 2 Don Unamba (52.8%)

No. 9 Mike Reilly over No. 3 DaVaris Daniels (62.1%)

No. 4 John Bowman over No. 5 Larry Dean (60.7%)

This leaves us with four players left, and two semi-finals votes — including an all-Argos one — to run later this week.

Thursday | No. 1 Dexter McCluster vs. No. 10 Frank Beltre

Friday | No. 4 John Bowman vs. No. 9 Mike Reilly

Voting will continue to take place on the @cfl’s Instagram and Twitter accounts.