Kamar Jorden: The new Celly King?

When I talked to Kamar Jorden last week about his new two-year deal with the Calgary Stampeders and how the recovery on his knee is going, I had to ask him about his touchdown celebrations.

With the departure of Diontae Spencer and Duke Williams to the NFL – both were know for their creative TD celly’s last season – there’s an opportunity for a new Celly King to emerge. The 29-year-old had some pretty epic dance parties in the end zone in 2018. Remember when he did the Fortnite dance?

So, is Jorden going to be the one with the best celebrations next season? He says, absolutely. And with his sights set on making a return at some point in the season, he already has a plan for his first touchdown of the year.

“I do,” he said, when asked if he had some ideas for next season’s touchdown celebrations. “I have one ready. I’m going to use a prop because everybody wants me to use props. Honestly, I think I’m the Celly King. I didn’t have to use any props or any of that stuff. I’ve been dancing in the end zone since I was playing arena football. Every time I get in the end zone, I just want to enjoy it, celebrate it and I just want people to know how excited I am to even be there. That’s the way I always looked at it but I understand the props thing.

“Everybody wants you to use props so I’ll make sure to keep that in mind. Looking forward to the rest of my celebrations when I’m back on the field. But I definitely got something planned when I do get back.”

Props and dancing? You know I’m excited to see what Jorden has in store for us.