Which celebration was best through Week 8?

Once again, your favourite celebration so far this CFL season is Dylan Wynn‘s sack dance.

84 per cent of you liked Wynn’s dance more than William Powell‘s keep away.

Will anyone defeat the Ticat?

Perhaps a Blue Bomber can dethrone the Tabbie who has been on top since Week 1? Or maybe William Powell‘s creativity (he’s had some ~great~ celly’s this season) will reign supreme.

Before we get to the pair of Bombers and a Roughrider, let’s get a quick reminder of Wynn’s dance.

Let’s start with Andrew Harris.

We all know that Harris is Canadian and that he likes to play hockey. Well, his celebration after his first touchdown in Toronto would have Don Cherry calling him a GOOD OL’ CANADIAN BOY.

The score was the second for the league’s leading running back on the night, a 13-yard run into the end zone to give his Bombers a 19-0 lead (20-0 with Medlock’s convert) with just under five minutes left in the first half. And after the score, Harris did this:

His teammate, Chris Matthews, is up next.

Early in the fourth quarter, with things tied at 20, Matthews hauled in a Matt Nichols pass and ran in for the score.

The Bombers receiver then placed the ball on the ground and performed CPR on the pigskin. So good.

And finally, William Powell‘s celly happened after he scored his seventh (!!) TD of the season. Not only is the Riders RB one of the best in the business at running the ball, he’s also one of the most creative with celebrations. We’ve seen keep away and double dutch skipping and now we have a potato sack race.

You know the ones you used to do at family BBQs? Yep, that kind of race.

The Riders were trailing 3-1 with just over a minute left in the first frame and Powell did was he does best: powered through the Ticats defence and into the end zone. The tailback then gathered his teammates (I like the full team effort here, Sask) and did a potato sack race. Unreal.

So which celebration did you like the best? Wynn’s sack dance? Harris’ Canadian slap shot? Matthews’ CPR? Or Powell’s potato sack race? Have your say below!

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Which celebration was best through Week 8?
Dylan Wynn's Sack Dance
Andrew Harris' Slap Shot
Chris Matthews' CPR
William Powell's Sack Race