Which celebration was best through Week 13?

We’ve played 13 weeks of football and you still like Dylan Wynn‘s sack celly the best!

82 per cent of you voted that Wynn’s dance was better than his teammate Bralon Addison‘s bonfire and Davon Coleman‘s celebration.

This week, Wynn is going head-to-head with Eskimos receiver Tevaun Smith and his Bianca Andreescu-themed touchdown celebration.

First, let’s take a look at Wynn’s celebration from Week 1:

And now for his challenger, Smith.

It was the first touchdown of the Battle of Alberta on Saturday night at just five minutes into the first frame of the contest. Trevor Harris tossed an eight-yard score to Smith, who celebrated Bianca Andreescu’s victory at the US Open with this awesome celebration:


Which celebration do you think was the best? Wynn’s dance or Smith’s Andreescu tribute? Have your say below!

Fan Poll
Which celebration was best through Week 13?
Dylan Wynn's Sack Dance
Tevaun Smith's Andreescu Tribute