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October 16, 2019

CFL Fantasy Podcast, Ep. 47: A Fantasy powerhouse

Geoff Robins/

TORONTO — With the CFL-leading Ticats set for a matchup with struggling Ottawa, the conversation on the CFL Fantasy Podcast this week was about roster construction.

How many players from the same team can put up big Fantasy points, and is stockpiling players from the same offence a strategy conducive to success?

“It’s terrifying because you know if that game goes poorly, you’re in for one of those weeks where you might hit under 50 points,” said Hannah Nordman. “Hasn’t happened to me this year, it just makes me nervous. I would say at least half my lineup is made up of Ticats right now.”

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The Ticats have players of all costs that can be successful, and with a matchup against the REDBLACKS’ eighth-ranked defence, which allows 411 yards and 29 points per game on average, there’s a long list of viable starting options.

Dane Evans is among the cheaper options at quarterback with a price tag of $8,448, while the same goes for running back Tyrell Sutton at $6,226. At receiver, Bralon Addison and Brandon Banks are the high-priced options at more than $10,000, while Marcus Tucker ($3,842) and Jaelon Acklin ($4,306) are lower-cost plays.

Fantasy defences have also had success against Ottawa, including an Argos team that intercepted Will Arndt three times in Week 18. Hamilton’s defence is only the fourth most expensive on the docket.

Does a Ticats-heavy lineup make sense? And how many players from one team would be too many? More in the CFL Fantasy Podcast presented by LeoVegas:

For Fantasy players, choosing between Banks, Addison, Tucker and Acklin could be a little difficult. An easier decision might be at quarterback, where Evans is expected to be one of the most chosen players in Fantasy this week. The Ticats’ pivot is still being undervalued, according to Jeff, Pat and Hannah.

“You could make a strong case that Dane Evans has been the best quarterback in the CFL over the span of about a month and a half now,” said Krever. “He’s one of the guys I’m considering, the only one I might take over him this week is Vernon Adams Jr. I think you’ve got to have one of those two guys in your lineup.”

“How can you not love that matchup?” added Steinberg. “I don’t know how many people are going to be rolling with Danny O’Brien or Will Arndt here. They aren’t good matchups and we haven’t seen enough from the guys. The more affordable quarterbacks have gone away.

“You’re talking about guys at $9,000 plus, except for Dane Evans. He doesn’t give you the same rushing threat, but he puts up yards. When you get him in good matchups against suspect secondaries, he can pick them apart. I love him as a play in Week 19.”

After that things get a little challenging when loading up on Ticats — especially if you’re interested in one of the top two receiving options.

“The problem is, the two best Ticats that you’re probably putting in your lineup outside of the quarterback are both five-digit players,” said Steinberg. “Bralon Addison is rightfully over $10,000, and Brandon Banks is the most expensive player in the game. You can probably only fit one of those guys in your lineup.”

Still, the idea of a lineup heavily loaded with Ticats, Alouettes or Roughriders this weekend is an enticing one.

“There has been a week or two where three or four of the top five or six guys are all from the same team,” said Nordman. “That could easily get you around the 130 mark. It’s not very often though.”

“It’s an interesting strategy,” said Steinberg. “I think Saskatchewan has just as interesting a matchup against BC if you’re looking to do that because with the loss of Mike Reilly, BC might be in a situation now where they’re able to be exploited.

“I sometimes get a little anxious when I have three guys in from the same team at the same time. But if one team has a good week, you can be putting up really significant points.”