It’s the Final Stretch! #GreyCupFitUp

We are in the final stretch of #GreyCupFitUp presented by SunLife! Playoffs are here which means Grey Cup is quickly approaching and the CFL Content Team is hitting the road to keep you informed on the biggest story lines over the next three weeks! I am covering the Western Semi-Finals and Western Finals and am lucky enough to be starting the roadtrip with my friend/colleague Kristina Costabile. We have committed to morning workouts every day this week and today we got started in a BIG way! Having someone keep you accountable down the final stretch is so helpful in sticking to your goals , so see if there is someone you can connect with who may want to join you for these last few weeks. If not our Twitter and Instagram community #GreyCupFitUp will be there to cheer you on!

This week the theme seemed to be huge progress and stormy weather! You guys fought through winter storms, darker days and slippery conditions and got creative with your workouts. It’s incredibly inspiring to watch you push through the uncomfortable conditions (remember August…) and you’re doing so well. Finally, there are some huge progress Tweets that made me smile  – shoutout to Trent Ferguson! Keep the Tweets coming and keep up the incredible work – you will thank yourself on Grey Cup Sunday and I cannot wait to celebrate your successes. Note: scroll to the bottom to read the most amazing Tweet from Murray McCormick!




A HUGE shoutout to Murray McCormick who has been dedicated from day 1 but making sure he got a workout in before attending his daughter’s wedding…Murray you are our hero! Congratulations on the happy occasion.