Torrid Tuesday: Sanchez weighs in on FA’s premier signings

The first day of CFL Free Agency is all but in the books for 2020 and there are no shortage of storylines to follow and rumours still swirling.

With a number of major signings already filed, analyst and host of The Waggle presented by SportClips podcast Davis Sanchez gives his take after a frantic first day.

On Cleyon Laing (OTT):  “Laing is one of the most dominate Canadians interior lineman that we have seen over last ten years. He’s what you want in the interior of a defence. Defensive coordinator Mike Benevedes should be happy to add a physical defensive lineman that also helps with your ratio.”

On Dylan Wynn (HAM): “The Ticats are getting a guy back who controls the line of scrimmage. Every team wants and needs a strong defensive lineman, but it is imperative for the Ticats as the style of defence that Mark Washington likes to call, and that Coach O has always called, is one that doesn’t blitz as much. They would rather play coverage and hope that front four holds up.”

On Richard Leonard (CGY): “Richard Leonard plays in space as well as any defensive back in the league, bar none. The Stamps have lost three guys in their secondary and it was a must that they sign a top tier halfback in day one of Free Agency. In zone or man coverage, Leonard is a player.”

On Solomon Elimimian (SSK): “At 33, Elimimian can still go sideline-to-sideline. He is an essential signing to make this defence legit. Now the linebacker slots with he, Judge, and Otha Foster rounds out a group that some were concerned about last season.”


On DaVaris Daniels (TOR): “This guys is a complete wide receiver. Strong hands, great route runner and can break away from coverage. His low-key demeanor one of the reasons he is underrated.”

On Don Jackson (HAM): “Don Jackson has juice! A smaller guy that still runs with power above his size. He is a guy who seems to enjoy contact. So many quality backs in the CFL right now and because of that, I think Jackson somewhat under appreciated in the league last year.”

Micah Johnson (BC): “Despite a lackluster season in Regina this defensive tackle makes any line better. Nobody takes the attention off the outside pass rush more then Micah Johnson. He can go to beast mode at any moment and is a difference maker.”