CFL teams honour and celebrate Chris Schultz

TORONTO — As news of the passing of Chris Schultz makes its way across the country, support has begun to pour in from teams around the CFL.

“Chris Schultz was made to play football, or football was made for Chris Schultz. Either way it was a symbiotic relationship,” Toronto Argonauts’ GM Michael Clemons, who was also a teammate of Schultz’s, said in a statement.

“At six-foot-seven, 310 or so muscled pounds, he was tenacious, prepared and dominant! His vigorous preparation both mentally and physically honoured his profession. It would probably be fair to say, that football was his first love. He played for America’s team, and Canada’s team, we can argue about the latter of the two tomorrow, but not today. His passion reverberated on radio, television, coaching kids, or walking the dog. He was always willing to talk football!

“His friends, family and teammates were all in his locker room, where loyalty abounds. My good friend John Candy and I spoke highly of Schultzy often. I’m disappointed because he had more to give, and my fervent hope is, he knew how much he was loved. I’m extending a warm virtual hug to the Argonaut and CFL family today.”

The Toronto Argonauts organization extends its deepest condolences to Chris’ family, friends and fans, to whom there are many.

From Winnipeg, Blue Bombers’ head coach Mike O’Shea offered the following:

“On behalf of our organization, I would like to express the sadness we share with the Toronto Argonauts organization, everyone at TSN and all members of the media, and everyone else around the CFL who knew Chris,” O’Shea said.

“On a personal level, I really liked Schultzy and thought he always did a tremendous job, was well prepared and most importantly, cared deeply about the CFL. Whether he was an opponent, seeing him around stadiums across Canada, or having the opportunity to spend time with him away from the game, these are all memories I will forever cherish. The CFL is filled with countless men and women who make it spectacular, and we lost one of them yesterday.”

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