May 20, 2021

Randy Ambrosie encourages Canadians to get vaccinated

TORONTO — Randy Ambrosie sees the light at the end of the tunnel and when it was his turn, he was happy to do his part.

The commissioner of the CFL recently got his first dose of the vaccine and recalled the joyous feeling of driving home from the pharmacy post-shot.

“I was on top of the world. I truly felt different,” Ambrosie said recently.

“My children were so thrilled for my wife and I that we had gotten vaccinated. It made us feel that we were closer to the end of this crisis than we ever have been before.”

As Canada nears the 50 per cent mark of its citizens getting at least the first dose of a vaccine, Ambrosie’s message to CFL fans and all Canadians is a simple one.

“The first vaccine that’s available is the best one for you,” he said.

“Together we’ll get back to the things we love, including CFL football and spending time with our loved ones.”

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