May 22, 2024

Set Your Roster: 5 reasons to play CFL Fantasy

TORONTO — It’s time to prove who is the best.

We’re not talking about winning the 111th Grey Cup, that is still a while away as teams prepare to battle for the ultimate goal. We’re talking about beating your friends and strangers alike on CFL Fantasy.

That’s right, the regular season approaches and with it the game loved by all football fans returns for another thrilling season of touchdowns and decimal-point losses.

Who doesn’t like to beat their childhood friend, sister or brother-in-law by 0.1 with a two-yard run late in the game? brings you five reasons to play CFL Fantasy.

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There’s no better way to get acclimated with the game than by setting your fantasy lineup every week.

Be the first to get in on a new addition at wide receiver or find that diamond in the rough with a cost-effective running back before he breaks out.


There are very few feelings in sports that match the excitement of watching your team pull off that comeback win. One of them might be watching your fantasy team come through for you.

Picture this: it’s Sunday and you’re down by 30 points against your uncle Joe. You only have Zach Collaros left to play and the Winnipeg Blue Bombers are set to face the BC Lions. In a shootout thriller, Collaros marches the Bombers down for a game-winning drive, but just as important a fantasy game-winning drive with a passing touchdown that lifts you over the competition. You can’t beat that.


It’s now even more important to choose your defence correctly as touchdowns scored by defensive units will count toward your fantasy points.

That’s right, if you choose a ball-hawking unit like last year’s Montreal Alouettes you’ll be jumping up and down in your living room as Marc-Antoine Dequoy rushes the entire field to celebrate in the other end zone.


Oftentimes in sports people refer to their favourite team as ‘we’. The feeling of belonging is a huge part of sports, but there will always be someone who makes fun of such a manner of speech.

There will be no joke made when you lift the cup of your fantasy league and say WE (or ME, after all there’s no I in team but there is a ME) won the championship.

Take that, friend-who-said-I’m-not-suiting-up-to-play.


Beating your friends for bragging rights is nice, but what about a chance to win a VIP trip to the 111th Grey Cup, 2025 VIP season seats and more?

That’s right, now it won’t only be about beating your cousin who says they know who scored the first touchdown in the 1972 Grey Cup; it’ll be about a chance to win prizes by showing your knowledge of the CFL to the world.

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