May 17, 2018

Does Simoni still have the gift of the gab?

Johany Jutras/

HAMILTON — Not only is Simoni Lawrence widely considered one of the best linebackers in the CFL, he’s also earned a reputation for his mouth.

If you’re a fan you’ve probably heard him before, either on the field or in interviews — he’s as loud, brash and confident as anyone you will find in the sport. And if you’re a player, especially on the offensive side of the ball, he’s surely been in your ear at some point or another.

We’ll find out on Friday, in the latest from Best in the League, whether Lawrence continues his reign as the CFL’s best trash-talker. Either way you can be sure his name will be mentioned.

“Simoni is one of the most unique trash talkers in the CFL because there is no predicting where he is going to attack you,” said Marshall Ferguson. “He’s just as likely to talk about the game as he is to question how dumb your off-season workouts looked, how weak your Call Of Duty game is or sarcastically compliment your teammate.”

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There’s an art to getting under someone’s skin, and the linebackers are in the perfect position to do so. They’re the quarterbacks of the defence, after all, so players like Simoni Lawrence, Alex Singleton or Kyries Hebert always have their mouths open for one reason or another. Especially if they can get anywhere near the quarterback.’s Marshall Ferguson, who once quarterbacked the McMaster Marauders, says that a good trash-talker can definitely have an impact.

“Trash talk is received differently for every player but I genuinely believe Simoni’s relentless attack affects those he plays against,” said Ferguson. “How could it not? His voice rings in your ears for days after the game.”

Newly-acquired Lions defensive end Odell Willis is another player known for his ability to talk — and for his unique slights towards opponents.

And who could forget Duron Carter, who promised a pick-six against Bo Levi Mitchell before making good on his word just days later?

The key to being a good trash talker is always going to be the ability to back it up. These players have proven they can walk the walk, too.

We’ll hear shortly from the players, once and for all, who reigns supreme as the CFL’s top trash-talker.