August 29, 2023

Als, Lions Injury Report: Ellingson, Evans available for Sat; Hatcher, Hollins questionable

TORONTO — The Montreal Alouettes and the BC Lions have shared their latest injury reports ahead of their game on Saturday at Molson Percival Stadium.

Alouettes wide receiver Greg Ellingson (knee) and defensive back Ciante Evans (hip) were full participants all week and are listed as available for Saturday’s game. Linebacker Tyrell Richards (knee), offensive lineman Patrick Davis (lower leg) and defensive back Wesley Sutton (head) are all out for Saturday’s game.

The Lions will be without defensive back Jalon Edwards-Cooper (shoulder). Wide receivers Keon Hatcher (foot) and Alexander Hollins (knee) are listed as questionable for Saturday.

Player Name Position Injury TUE WED THU Game Status
Tyrell Richards LB Knee DNP DNP DNP Out
Ciante Evans DB Hip Full Full Full
Patrick Davis OL Lower leg DNP DNP DNP Out
Greg Ellingson WR Knee Full Full Full
Philippe Gagnon OL Elbow Full Full Full
Austin Mack WR Head Limited Limited Limited
Wesley Sutton DB Head DNP DNP DNP Out
Mustafa Johnson DL Knee  – Limited Full
Landon Rice OL Neck  – Limited Limited
Jeshrun Antwi RB Hip Limited


BC LIONS Practice Day
Player Name Position Injury TUE WED THU Game Status
Jalon Edwards-Cooper DB Shoulder DNP DNP DNP Out
Keon Hatcher WR Foot Limited Questionable
Alexander Hollins WR Knee Limited Questionable
Mike Jones DB Healthy Scratch Full Full Full
Chris Schleuger OL Healthy Scratch Full Limited Limited


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