April 30, 2024

A team-by-team look at the 2024 CFL Draft

Andrew Mahon/CFL.ca

TORONTO — The 2024 CFL Draft has concluded and plenty of National talent has been added to all nine rosters.

The Edmonton Elks opened the night by selecting linebacker Joel Dublanko out of the University of Cincinnati, followed by the Ottawa REDBLACKS picking Auburn’s wide receiver Nick Mardner.

After eight total rounds, here’s a breakdown of each team’s picks:

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 Elks take Eteva Mauga-Clements first overall in Global Draft
 Dublanko heads up talented first round of CFL Draft
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1st Round: George Una, OL, Windsor (6th)
2nd Round: Theo Benedet, OL, UBC (15th)
2nd Round: Ezechiel Tieide, WR, Concordia (19th)
3rd Round: Cristophe Beaulieu, DB, Laval (26th)
5th Round: Kail Dava, DL, Tennessee Tech (44th)
6th Round: Terrence Ganyi, LB, Maine (53rd)
7th Round: Dawson Marchant, DB, Northwestern Oklahoma State (62nd)
8th Round: Theo Johnson, TE, Penn State (71st)


1st Round: Benjamin Labrosse, DB, McGill (4th)
1st Round: Christy Nkanu, OL, Washington State (8th)
3rd Round: George Idoko, DL, Saskatchewan (28th)
4th Round: Jason Janvier-Messier, DL, York (33rd)
5th Round: Paul-Antoine Ouellette, Montreal (42nd)
6th Round: Tanner McLachlan, TE, Arizona (51st)
7th Round: Jackson Sombach, DB, Regina (59th)
8th Round: Kaylyn St-Cyr, DB, Montreal (69th)


1st Round: Joel Dublanko, LB, Cincinnati (1st)
2nd Round: DK Bonhomme, LB, South Alabama (10th)
2nd Round: Bradley Hladik, TE, UBC (18th)
3rd Round: Olivier Muembi, LB, Queen’s (21st)
4th Round: Jaxon Morkin, OL, Windsor (30th)
4th Round: Vincent Blanchard, K, Laval (31st)
7th Round: Evan Anseeuw, OL, York (57th)
7th Round: Patrick Lavoie, OL, Carleton (63rd)
8th Round: Jacob Spencer, DL, Saginaw Valley State (66th)


1st Round: Kyle Hergel, OL, Boston College (3rd)
2nd Round: Nick Wiebe, LB, Saskatchewan (12th)
3rd Round: Dhel Duncan-Busby, WR, Bemidji State (23rd)
4th Round: Melique Straker, LB, Arkansas State (32nd)
5th Round: Daniel Johnson, OL, Purdue (41st)
6th Round: D’Sean Mimbs, WR, Regina (50th)
7th Round: Ajou Ajou, WR, South Florida (59th)
8th Round: Richard Aduboffour, DB, Western University (68th)


2nd Round: Kevens Clercius, WR, Connecticut (13th)
2nd Round: Michael Chris-Ike, RB, Delaware State (14th)
2nd Round: Gabe Wallace, OL, Buffalo (17th)
2nd Round: Kyle Samson, DL, UBC (20th)
4th Round: Ian Leroux, LS, Laval (37th)
5th Round: Ethan Kalra, OL, Waterloo (40th)
5th Round: Giovanni Manu, OL, UBC (46th)
6th Round: Abdul-Karim Gassama, WR, Manitoba (55th)
7th Round: Michael Vlahogiannis, OL, McGill (64th)
8th Round: Owen Hubert, DL, McMaster (73rd)


1st Round: Nathaniel Dumoulin Duguay, OL, Laval (7th)
2nd Round: Luke Brubacher, DL, Wilfrid Laurier (16th)
4th Round: Daniel Bell, DB, Mount Allison (34th)
4th Round: Matthew Peterson, RB, Alberta (36th)
5th Round: Ryan Baker, LB, UBC (43rd)
6th Round: Jonathan Giustini, DB, Alberta (52nd)
7th Round: John Kourtis, OL, Saskatchewan (61st)
8th Round: Mitchell Townsend, LB, UBC (70th)


1st Round: Geoffrey Cantin-Arku, OL, Memphis (9th)
3rd Round: Arthur Hamlin, DB, Colgate (29th)
4th Round: Micah Roane, DL, South Dakota (38th)
5th Round: Frederik Antoine, WR, Laval (47th)
6th Round: Michael Herzog, RB, Hillsdale College (56th)
7th Round: Mohsen Jamal, WR, Western (65th)
8th Round: Vincent Delisle, DB, Laval (74th)


1st Round: Nick Mardner, WR, Auburn (2nd)
2nd Round: Daniel Okpoko, DL, San Diego State (11th)
3rd Round: Dawson Pierre, DB, Concordia (22nd)
4th Round: Jahquan Bloomfield, WR, Prarie View A&M (35th)
6th Round: Yani Gouadfel, DB, Bishop’s (49th)
7th Round: Zachary Philion, LB, Concordia (58th)
8th Round: Russell Dixon, TE, Connecticut (67th)


1st Round: Kevin Mital, WR, Laval (5th)
3rd Round: Tyson Hergott, DL, Waterloo (24th)
3rd Round: John Bosse, OL, Calgary (25th)
3rd Round: Tyshon Blackburn, DB, Alberta (27th)
5th Round: Jerrell Cummings, DB, UBC (39th)
5th Round: Ifenna Onyeka, DL, Carleton (45th)
6th Round: Anim Dankwah, OL, Howard (48th)
6th Round: Justin Sambu, DL, Baylor (54th)
8th Round: Daniel Shin, OL, Alberta (72nd)

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