December 8, 2021

Quote Board: Standout statements from head coaches press conference

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HAMILTON —  Kicking off Grey Cup Week’s festivities, Winnipeg Blue Bombers’ head coach Mike O’Shea accompanied by Hamilton Tiger-Cats’ head coach Orlondo Steinauer fielded questions from the media on Wednesday morning.

When they weren’t complementing each other and discussing the relationship the two have spent years together throughout their respective careers, the two coaches previewed Sunday’s big game.

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Standout remarks from the head coaches press conference

“He’s that guy. You want to talk about go sit down and have a beer with and just be people; Coach is a title. I think we’re people first and I have to keep it light because I’ll get emotional – that’s the truth. I care about him as a person and I’m not shocked why he’s up here again. He’s just a fighter; everybody should, he’s a true Canadian and what the CFL’s about.”

Orlondo Steinauer on Bombers’ Mike O’Shea 

“He was named basically the fourth quarterback in 2012. I just remember going by the weight room of the University of Toronto in Mississauga and there’s this quarterback in there power cleaning and that just kind of sums up Zach. He’s a worker, it didn’t matter what role he would have that year. He knew he wasn’t – we had Jarious Jackson and of course Ricky Ray and we had Trevor Harris – it didn’t even bother him. And so when he got his opportunity, there was no doubt in my mind – he already had the physical tools he bought his time and he’s here today. No surprise, he’s ultra competitive when he was around here. Obviously, his physical tools speak for themselves.”

Orlondo Steinauer on Zach Collaros and his career in the CFL 

“It’s obvious the connection we’ve had over the years, where it started even and how it’s turned out, I know I’m happy for him. I love watching him work but to sit back and ponder all those things, we’re looking forward to Sunday and it’s going to be competitive.”

Mike O’Shea on his relationship with Orlondo Steinauer

“I just remember being in the locker room and I was kind of unaware except I heard a little buzz that there was this guy that played in the CFL and what not. And of course, I was familiar with the CFL just being from Seattle and boarding state so I had got some feeds and whatnot. Oddly enough, I actually have a picture standing next to 99.”

Orlondo Steinauer on recalling meeting Mike O’Shea for the first time 

“I don’t know that you’ve got to go too deep to understand O. He’s authentic, he is who he is, he’s not going to hide anything. I think I knew pretty well most things about him.”

Mike O’Shea on if coaching Steinauer last Grey Cup allowed him to learn anything new about the Ticats’ coach

“The most important game is the playoff game and then our second one and we’re in the same spot as last year it just took a different journey. Love the build up, but the game is always to be played and only talked about leaning up to it.”

Orlondo Steinauer on this year’s road to the Grey Cup 

“Experience, just being there. Dealt with different personalities. Hunger, disappointment- all the emotions you would do through when everything is on your shoulders as a quarterback.”

Orlondo Steinauer on the growth he has seen from Dane Evans 

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