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February 7, 2016

2016 Free Agent Tracker

The 2016 CFL free agency period officially opens at 12:00pm ET on February 9, 2016. Below lists the players who will become CFL free agents should they not re-sign with their current respective team. The status column indicates whether a player has re-signed with his team or is still bound for the open market.

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Beaulieu, JC RB National Extended (01/13/16)
Bourke, Josh OL National Signed with TOR (02/09/16)
Bowman, John DE International Extended (1/18/16) 
Brown, Jerald DB International Signed with TOR (02/26/16)
Ellis, Dominique DB International  Re-Signed (02/09/16)
Giguere, Sam  WR National Re-signed (02/09/16)
Gilyard, Mardy WR International
Hefney, Jonathan DB International
Irvin, Corvey DT International Signed with SSK (2/12/16)
Johnson, Chad WR International
LeFevour, Dan QB International Released (01/27/16)
Lewis, Nik WR International Extended (01/20/16)
Logan, Stefan RB International Extended (01/29/16)
Matte, Kristian OL National Extended (01/11/16)
Piotrowski, Jake OL National Extended (01/12/16)
Quinlan, Kyle QB National
Stamps, Fred WR International
Tuck, James DL National Extended (2/5/16)
Venable, Winston LB International  Re-signed (02/09/16)
Volny, Carl RB National
White, Mitchell DB International  Extended (2/9/16)


Albright, Matthew OL National Extended (01/04/16)
Capicciotti, Justin DE National Signed with SSK (02/10/16)
Carter, Matt WR National
DeMarco, Thomas QB International Signed with EDM (04/16/16)
Evans, Zack DL National Extended (01/04/16)
Green, James LB National Signed with CGY (02/13/16)
Henry, Marcus WR International
Hinds, David DB International Re-signed (02/16/16)
Johnson, Jeremiah RB International Signed with BC (02/10/16)
Johnson, Jovon DB International Signed with MTL (02/10/16)
Kelly, Colin OT International Signed NFL deal (01/07/16)
Lavoie, Patrick TE National Extended (12/23/15) 
Marshall, Andrew DE National  Re-Signed (02/11/16)
Munoz, Damaso LB International Extended (1/15/16)
Shologan, Keith DL National Signed with WPG (02/09/16)
Smith, Jamill WR International Re-signed (02/16/16)
Smith, Marlon DE International
Thompson, Brandyn DB International
Verdone, Jordan LB National
Williams, Chris WR International  Extended (01/05/16)


Adjey, Natey WR National Signed with EDM (2/12/16)
Agnew, Vincent DB International
Alix, Anthony K National
Cummings, Euclid DL International Signed with WPG (02/09/16)
Foley, Ricky DE National Extended (12/09/15)
Gabriel, Jermaine DB National Extended (02/05/16) 
Gillanders, Brendan RB National Signed with OTT (02/09/16) 
Green, Isaiah DB International Re-signed (02/16/16)
Greenwood, Cory LB National  Extended (02/09/16)
Harris, Trevor QB International Signed with OTT (02/09/16)
Jones, Greg LB International Signed with SSK (02/10/16)
Keeping, Jeff OL National Signed with WPG (02/09/16)
Laing, Cleyon DT National Signed NFL deal (02/17/16)
Miles, Thomas LB National Extended (12/24/15) 
Mitchell, Scott OL National
Okpalaugo, Tristan DL International Signed NFL deal (02/23/16)
Owens, Chad WR International Signed with HAM (02/12/16)
Palardy, Justin K National
Ray, Ricky QB International Extended (12/04/15)
Robinson, Zander FB National Signed with EDM (02/19/16)
Smith, Wayne OL National Extended (02/5/16)
Stala, Dave WR National
Steele, Curtis RB International Signed with SSK (02/10/16)
Underwood, Brandon DB International
Vega, Jason DL International
Waters, Swayze K International Signed with NFL team (2/11/16)
Whitaker, Brandon RB International Re-signed (02/10/16)


Aprile, Giovanni WR National Re-signed (03/08/16)
Atkinson, Michael DT National Re-signed (02/10/16)
Bulcke, Brian DT National Signed with TOR (02/10/16)
Caldwell, David LB International
Carter, Jalil DB International
Crawford, Aaron DB National
Davis, Emanuel DB International Re-signed (03/03/16)
Dile, Mark OL International
Edem, Mike DB National Signed with BC (02/09/16) 
Fantuz, Andy WR National Re-signed (02/09/16)
Figueroa, Joel OL International
Gainey, Ed DB International Signed with SSK (02/10/16)
Gale, Mitchell QB International
Gascon-Nadon, Arnaud DE National Signed with OTT (02/10/16)
Grant, Bakari WR International Signed with CGY (02/10/16)
Hall, Bryan DT International Signed with TOR (02/19/16)
Harris, Erik LB International Signed NFL deal (02/02/16)
Hazime, Hasan DE International Signed with SSK (02/24/16)
Hickman, Justin DE International Signed with TOR (03/02/15) 
King, Neil DB National Signed with EDM (02/17/16)
Laurent, Ted DT National Re-signed (02/10/16)
Lewis, Jeremy OL International  Extended (02/08/16)
Madu, Mossis RB International
Masoli, Jeremiah QB International Extended (01/07/16) 
Medlock, Justin K International Signed with WPG (02/09/16)
Miller, Kyle DB National
Molls, Dan LB International
O’Neill, Hugh K National
Olson, Jake OL International Re-signed (04/14/16)
Page, Cleshawn DB International
Plesius, Frederic LB National Re-signed (2/15/16)
Prime, Carl-Olivier FB National Extended (12/16/15)
Reed, Taylor LB International Signed with CGY (02/10/16)
Sears, Johnny LB International Extended (01/08/16)
Sinkfield, Terrell WR International Released, signed NFL deal (01/23/16)
Stephen, Courtney DB National Extended (02/08/16) 
Stewart, Brandon DB International Signed with BC (02/09/16) 


Capers, Selvish OL International
Daniels, Jace OL  International Extended (12/14/15)
Gibson, Thaddeus DL International
Hajrullahu, Lirim K National Signed with TOR (02/09/16)
Marshall, Cameron RB International Signed NFL deal (02/11/16)
Moore, Nick WR International Signed with BC (02/10/16)
Newman, Graig DB  National Signed with SSK (02/09/16)
Nichols, Matt QB International Extended (01/05/16)
Pontbriand, Michel-Pierre FB  National
Richardson, Louie DL National Extended (01/25/16)
Shell, Lin-J DB International
Walker, Chevon RB International
Washington, Demond DB International Signed with HAM (02/10/16)


Adcock, Levy OL International Signed with BC (02/09/16)
Ainsworth, Dylan DE National Re-Signed (02/09/16)
Allen, Anthony RB International Released (12/15/15)
Bagg, Rob WR National Extended (01/28/16)
Brackenridge, Tyron S International Released (12/15/15)
Brown, Weldon DB International Released (12/15/15)
Fulton, Xavier OL International
Getzlaf, Chris WR National Signed with EDM (2/25/16)
Green, Marshay DB International Released (12/15/15)
Haidara, SJ WR National Extended (12/23/15)
Hall, Alex DE International
King, Jerriel OL International Extended (12/23/15)
Lopez, Hugo DB National Released (12/15/15)
Maze, Terrell DB International Released (12/15/15)
McCallum, Paul K National Released (12/21/15)
McHenry, Scott WR National Released (12/15/15)
Mertile, Junior DB International Released (12/15/15)
Moore, Spencer WR National Extended (01/22/16)
Price, Keith QB International Signed with BC (03/23/16)
Regimbald, Kevin LB National Signed with MTL (2/12/16)
Richardson, Jamel WR International Released (12/15/15)
Sheffield, Cameron DE International Released (12/15/15)
Smith, Ryan WR International Signed with WPG (02/09/16)
Unamba, Don DB International
Walker, Derek DL International Released (12/15/15)
Watman, Corey OL National Signed with TOR (02/09/16)
Webster, Matt DB National Extended (12/21/15)
Wellman, Ryan DL National Released (12/15/15)
West, Dan LB National Extended (01/21/16)
White, Markus DE International Re-signed (02/16/16)
Woldu, Paul DB National


Arthur, Jabari WR National
Beltre, Frank DE International Extended (12/29/15)
Bishop III, Freddie DL International Released, signed NFL deal (02/05/15)
Burnett, Joe DB International Extended (12/22/15)
Charbonneau-Campeau, Simon WR National Extended (12/23/15)
Chevrier, Randy LS National
D’Aguilar, Ben DL National Extended (2/4/16)
Evans, DeQuin DB International Signed with MTL (02/15/16)
Fuller, Jeff WR International Signed NFL deal (02/11/16)
Johnson, Micah DL International Extended (01/18/16)
McCartney, Karl LB National
McDonald, Brandon DB International Extended (1/8/16)
Messam, Jerome RB National Extended (08/08/16)
Parker, Anthony WR National Extended (12/18/15)
Raymond, Keon LB International  Signed with TOR (02/11/16)
Rogers, Eric WR International Released; signed NFL deal (01/20/16)
Sharun, Corbin LB National Extended (02/01/16)
Turner, Junior DL National Extended (12/21/15)


Boulay, Mathieu FB National  Extended (1/28/16)
Bowman, Adarius WR International Extended (12/22/15)
Chambers, Shamawd WR National Signed with SSK (02/10/16)
Foster, Otha DB International Signed with SSK (02/10/16)
Grymes, Aaron DB International  Signed NFL deal (02/18/16)
Hinds, Ryan DB National Signed with OTT (02/19/16)
Jefferson, Willie DL International Released (01/15/16)
Jones, Andrew OL National Signed with SSK (02/09/16)
Lawrence, Kendial RB International Signed with SSK (02/10/16)
Miller, Mike DB National Extended (01/28/16)
Oramasionwu, Don DT National Re-signed (02/17/17)
Sewell, Almondo DT International Extended (12/22/15)
Sherritt, JC LB International Re-signed (02/10/16)
Simmons, Brian OL International Signed with HAM (02/10/16)
Simpson, Chad RB International
Stafford, Kenny WR International Signed with MTL (02/09/16)
White, John RB International Re-Signed (02/09/16)
Whyte, Sean K National Extended (01/11/16)
Wojt, Greg OL National


Arceneaux, Emmanuel WR International Extended (12/17/15)
Clarke, Steven DB International Released (1/7/15)
Curran Rennie LB International
Fabien, Kirby OL National Extended (12/15/15)
Fraser, Eric DB National Extended (12/18/15)
Harris, Andrew RB National Signed with WPG (02/09/16)
Hoffman-Ellis, Alex LB International Signed with HAM (02/09/16)
Johnson, Josh DB International Signed NFL deal (02/12/16)
Lochard, Pascal RB National Signed with WPG (02/09/16)
Lulay, Travis QB International Extended (02/08/16)
Norman, Matthew OL National
Olafioye, Jovan OL International Extended (1/14/16)
Parks, Cord DB International
Rainey, Chris RB International Extended (01/09/16)
Smith, Khreem DT International
Taylor, Courtney WR International
Valli, Dean OL National Retired (01/27/16)